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How to Get Organized—and Charitable—in 2015

Tips for your spring (summer, fall, or winter) cleaning.
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Our January/February issue has some great advice from professional organizers on how to tackle and tame the clutter in your home. I must admit to having some hoarder tendencies, but I do love an occasional clean-out. I used the time off around the holidays to do just that, and it felt fantastic. There’s something really liberating about letting go of the junk that’s crowding your closets and suffocating your space. With the proliferation of online “yard sale” sites (like this one), you might be tempted to try to get some cash for your discards, but is it really worth the embarrassment of all your Facebook friends seeing you “bump” your unwanted Steve Madden boots day after day without so much as a *? (For the uninitiated, that’s a sign of interest.) C’mon. You don’t need ten bucks that bad.

Instead, consider one of the many worthy charitable organizations in town that will happily take what you no longer need. Some of the groups sell your items to raise money for their cause, while others can put your items to work directly. (Did you know, for instance, that the SPCA can use even your ratty old towels and blankets to help keep their animals warm and clean?) The next time you do a purge, refer to our handy guide to local donation centers for whom your trash can be treasure. (Bonus: You can write your donations off come tax time. You can’t, however, claim the recliner you sold for $15 on Facebook.)

We’re always looking for other worthy groups to contribute to, so if you have a favorite that’s not on our list, leave it in the comments!

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