D Home Life In Color Tastemaker Judge Jan Strimple on Her Favorite Hues

(Left: Jan Strimple resplendent in chartreuse. Right: Her beloved black and gold.)


Still on the fence about entering the Texas Paint & Wallpaper/D Home Life in Color Contest? Well perhaps you need a little inspiration from one of our illustrious tastemaker judges… So to help get the creative juices flowing, we asked fashion event producer extraordinaire Jan Strimple to talk color with us here on the blog.

Herewith our color conversation.

What colors to you gravitate toward?
“Warm, earthy greens and rich reds in the living areas, countered by black, browns, and golds in the master bedroom.”

How do you use color in your own home?
“Much like I dress: wearing my base neutral color and popping it with the interest of unexpected color. For the sake of my psyche, the base colors in our homes are neutral. The living and dining walls wallow between white and lustered taupes, the living room sofa and chairs are a mix of sage and avocado, and my dining chairs are a taupe-on-taupe floral satin. Brilliant crimson is my primary energy color in a single pillow, a pair of English figurines, and in the 4 inch stained glass edge of a cocktail table of my own design. Cut glass in hues of scarlet, kelly green, and rich gold cohabits on the top of our open bar.”

What is the most inspiring use of color that you’ve encountered?
“Undoubtedly, it’s nature. Colors in The Wild, published by the National Wildlife Federation, is a book I’ve used for color inspiration while styling fashion shows. There’s a photo of blue footed boobies on the Galapagos Islands that could inspire a room as readily as it’s inspired a few of my runway looks, with it’s sleek combination of dove gray, steel, white, and a glorious shade of blue. A shot of miniature marasmius mushrooms (they grow in the rain forests of central and south America and grow only on rotting leaves) inspired a combination of a dark berry pant and jacket with a rose pink blouse and a rust handbag. Entirely unexpected … and gorgeous!”