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COVID-19 Bulletin (08/05/21)

Dallas County threat level up to red. Pediatric hospitals move to mandate vaccines.
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Cook Children's Hospital

There are more than 1,900 COVID-19 patients in North Texas hospitals, representing 12.81 percent of bed capacity and 30.96 percent of adult ICU patients, Steve Love of the DFW Hospital Council reports.

Health officials moved Dallas County’s COVID-19 threat level up to red on Tuesday in response to an increase of cases largely due to the highly contagious delta variant. It represents the most-severe level of risk of contracting the coronavirus. Under the red zone, health officials say people should choose to visit places with mask requirements, crowd-control measures and enforced social-distancing protocols. Read more with The Dallas Morning News.

Cook Children’s Health Care System announced today it is instituting a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, KERA reports. This comes as more and more hospitals across Texas have begun to set their own mandates. The number of COVID-19 cases among patients at Cook Children’s has increased dramatically over the past few weeks.

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