Healthcare Education

TCU and UNTHSC Medical School Tripled 2019’s First-Day Applications

More than 1,700 students applied for the medical school's next class as soon as they were able to apply.

Despite the coronavirus, the Texas Christian University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine received 1,700 applications on the first day they could be submitted, three times higher than first day submissions received in 2019.

Sixty students were chosen from a total of 4,300 applications for the school’s 2024 class. In 2019, around 600 applications were received on the first day. The students come from 45 undergraduate higher education institutions and are from 18 different states. Just under half of the 2024 class are women and 56 percent of the students are first-generation college students, attended community college, or worked to support their families before the age of 18.

“This class definitely has resiliency. We learned that we have a lot of folks that have made it their purpose to become a physician and attend medical school despite the COVID-19 pandemic.” Carlos Tapia, the Executive Director of Admissions & Enrollment Operations at the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine, said via release. “They are also dynamic in their personal hobbies. We have a surfer, we have artists and competitive athletes so they will fit in with the rest of our student body really well.”


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