Cancer Specialist Becomes CAR-T Success Story

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s newsroom has a story that’s worthy of your breakfast- or lunch-time reading. A UT Southwestern Professor of Cell Biology named Dr. Woodring Wright, who’d spent decades researching cancer, became the subject when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. After chemo was ineffective and as Wright was running out of options, he caught wind of an early CAR-T therapy (chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy) trial. A couple people dropped out of the trial ahead of him, so Wright became the first person in the University of Pennsylvania trial to get the CAR-T treatment, wherein patients receive re-engineered versions of their own immune cells. It worked extremely well, and two years later, Wright finds himself completely cancer-free. And UT Southwestern finds itself with its own CAR-T clinical trial for multiple myeloma patients.

Read more about Wright’s story here.


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