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UTSW is Building Up a Plasma Supply to Fight COVID-19

Recovered patients in DFW can donate their plasma to be used to boost others' immune systems.

UTSW Research Finds Potential Weakness in Coronavirus

Scientists are comparing the new virus to past epidemics SARS and MERS.

Identifying the Best Approach to Single Breast Reconstruction with UTSW

Their pre-surgery planning methods promote consistent post-op success.
Dr. Juan Pascual Portrait
Health & Medicine

The Doctor You See When Nothing Else Works

When every other diagnosis falls short, patients find their way to Dr. Juan Pascual and his Rare Brain Disorder Program. His secret: listening.

Meet the UT Southwestern Executive Behind the Region’s Top Hospital

Dr. John Warner peels back the curtain on the making of Clements Hospital.


Health & Wellness

More Proof of Your Dallas Zip Code’s Influence on Life Expectancy

Research from UT Southwestern puts more than two decades between people just miles apart.
Health & Medicine

From North Texas, a Low-Tech Fertility Solution Goes Viral

How a local clinic is expanding access to IVF, the natural way.

Dallas Healthcare Software Startup Bought by San Francisco’s Invitae Corp.

Public company Invitae Corp. has scooped up Dallas' Ommdom, which commercialized a healthcare software program called CancerGene Connect.

How Dallas Cancer Survivors Are Helping Astronauts

Researchers are studying the effects of pressure on vision.

Houston Press Publishes Story That UT Southwestern Probably Didn’t Enjoy

Yesterday the Houston Press published an interesting story about a high-profile society couple that left town in March under strange circumstances and moved to Dallas. Beth and Jess Moore had amassed a mountain of debt, and they ran a cancer-fighting nonprofit whose finances raise lots of questions. I can only imagine that the folks at UT Southwestern wish the Press had published its story before the organization hired Beth to be the director of development for cancer programs.