Where to Find a Good Aperol Spritz in Dallas

Skip the rosé in favor of this low calorie cocktail.

I’m really late to the Aperol Spritz party. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t even know what an Aperol Spritz was until recently. I mean, I’d seen some friends hashtag it when they Instagrammed from the Amalfi Coast (still jealous), but I guess I thought it was just some sort of Italian soda; like how you can get Coca Light in Mexico.

Finally, one fateful afternoon this summer, I ordered an Aperol Spritz at a Los Angeles hotel pool and, you guys, those things are delightful. It satisfied both my thirst and my goal of achieving a slight buzz. Plus, the simple mix of Prosecco, soda, and Aperol means fewer calories and a perfect choice for health-conscious sippers. I want one right now.

So, where can you find a true Italian-inspired Aperol Spritz in Dallas? This spritz-loving girl did the work for you.


*Note: this list is only for pure Aperol Spritzes. Some spots, such as Lounge 31 and Parigi, jazz them up with vodka or Tanqueray, and that’s not what we’re here for today.


Photo by Kevin Marple

The first of two Tim Headington restaurants to boast a great spritz, The Joule restaurant has a version that would best be enjoyed out on its Main Street-facing patio.


Photo by Kevin Marple

I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried an Aperol Spritz here, but I’m sure the charming, authentic Italian spot would nail it.


Photo by Kevin Marple

This list’s second Tim Headington resto swaps out the soda for Rosa Vermouth, but I’m not mad at it.

Top Knot

Photo by Catherine Downes

Uchi’s chill upstairs sister restaurant serves up Aperol and sparkling wine on its amazing brunch menu, which joins Americano’s as one of the best in Dallas.

Le Bilboquet

Photo by Kevin Marple

The Manhattan transfer and lone non-Italian restaurant on our list serves an Aperol Spritz for a mere $5 at brunch.





  • Jamie Blanchat

    One more to mention, as I had it recently and it was fabulous, Dolce Riviera in the Harwood Distrtict!

  • Ellen Nealon Brown

    Also Ascension has (or had) one.