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Leading Off (1/3/22)

Cowboys lose, Dallas freezes, and Dallas ISD keeps its masks on.
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Cowboys Lose. I had a thing late in the second half where if I muted my TV and sort of half-watched while reading a book, the team played better. Which would make me unmute and devote my whole attention, at which point something bad would happen. So then I would re-mute, it would get better again, I would unmute, it would get bad, and so on. I was too slow to re-mute and so Dak Prescott fumbled. As penance, I turned it to the Mavs game, and then the Cowboys came back and almost won. A long way of saying this 25-22 loss to the Cards is on me. Mike will have more of an actual breakdown on StrongSide directly.

(Also, it looks like wide receiver Michael Gallup is out for the season with a torn ACL, an injury he suffered making an incredible TD catch.)

DISD Kids Will Keep Wearing Masks. District officials say the requirement will stay in place at least until spring break. School starts up again on Wednesday.

It’s Going to Be Cold This Week. Probably. But, I mean, you could tell me any weather, any temperature, any sort of precipitation was happening tomorrow or the next day and I would not even be a little surprised. Even a hypercane would only get a raised eyebrow at this point.


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