'Ice Cream Paint Job' absolutely holds up.


Dallas Gets a Dorrough Music Day

'Ice Cream Paint Job' is still a jam.

The City Council this morning is being briefed on two items that would make Dallas significantly greener and better: much-needed fixes to the city’s tree ordinance, and a park land dedication requirement to force developers to match freshly poured concrete with greenspace.

First order of business, though, was a special recognition for Dorrough Music, the Dallas artist behind the 2009 hit “Ice Cream Paint Job,” a song that I can assure you remains a total banger in 2018. July 28 is now Dorrough Music Day, in honor of a charity event Dorrough is throwing that day. Dorrough Music has previously shown an interest in local civic engagement, headlining a voter registration concert in 2016.

Mayor Mike Rawlings, standing next to a real-life rapper to pose for a photo, only embarrassed himself a little bit.