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People With Felony Convictions to Now Be Allowed on City Boards, Commissions

The City Council has ended a rule that immediately disqualified candidates with two or more felony convictions, adopted after a park board member was booted last year.

Marlon Rollins at an October park board meeting.

A rule that barred people with two or more felony convictions from serving on city boards or commissions has been erased from the city code. At this morning’s City Council meeting, Rickey Callahan was the lone vote opposed to the measure, adopted after Dallas Park Board member Marlon Rollins was booted from his position last year. The vetting process for board candidates will include a more thorough criminal background check, but past convictions won’t be immediately disqualifying.

Matt Goodman covered the whole saga earlier this month, so I’m just going to drop a link here and get out of the way.