Spin Bikes Continue to Be Sabotaged in Dallas

This ain't playing fair.

On my downtown perambulations, I continue to see Spin bikes (when I see them) in a sorry state of disrepair. In your correspondent’s opinion, damage like you see to the above bike could only happen if it were inflicted intentionally. These guys are getting screwed.


  • Unless there is something other than the missing seat, I think it is more likely that the last user is “reserving” itself for themselves later.

    Dick move, yes, but not so much vandalism as just stealing time from the company.

    • It was parked in a place that doesn’t support your theory (on a block that is entirely boarded up for construction).

      • Someone parked it there, before or after removing parts. It’s SOMEONE’S destination.

    • PeterTx52

      “To address the problem of illegally parked and misplaced bikes, operators reward users who report them with app credits.

      Self-declared “bike hunters” have also formed social media groups where they can share information.

      The organiser of one group, museum director
      Zhuang Ji, said it now had more than 2,000 members and that one member
      had reported 69 misplaced bikes in one day.”

    • PeterTx52

      “Liu Lijing, a mechanic in Beijing, does not usually pay much attention
      to manners. He does not mind when people blast loud music, and he
      strolls the alleyways near his home in a tank top stained with grease.
      But when a stranger recently ditched a bicycle in the bushes outside his
      door, Mr. Liu was irate.”

  • Los_Politico

    I’ve noticed a lot of homeless on the Lime bikes in the West End and by Presbyterian. Are they stomping off the sensors?

    • kjninja

      Or they could be paying for them, or someone else bought them 30min so they could get to their Dr’s appointment across town… have you observed that the sensors are missing?

      • Los_Politico

        Come on bro

  • C Newman

    That is irritating, but in now way should it be unexpected in this scenario on any level.

  • DubiousBrother