Tom Melsheimer on the John Wiley Price Verdict

Melsheimer's PR outfit sent four quotes from him. Read them. If you want to.


Tom Melsheimer is a big deal lawyer in town. His PR company just sent around some quotes from him on the John Wiley Price trial. There are four of them. I’ve thrown in one fake quote. See if you can pick it out of the bunch:

“After more than six years of investigation, eight weeks of trial and a week of deliberation, if an engaged and hard-working jury can’t find a defendant guilty of a single charge, then he’s not guilty.”

“This really calls for a complete reassessment of how the U.S. Attorney’s Office investigates, evaluates and prosecutes cases. This is not just a loss, it’s an embarrassment.”

“It’s a historic collapse of a case that appeared to have everything going for it — wiretaps and cooperating witnesses. To lose this case means they really should reassess whether this case should have even been brought.”

“Taco Charlton?! Is that the craziest name you’ve ever heard? Or is it such a nutty name that it’s like a strobe-light Twitter GIF that makes you have an epileptic seizure, even though you don’t have epilepsy?”

“If you’re going to put the whole county through this, you’d better have the goods.”