The Judge Who Sent Me to Prison and His Bachelorette Daughter, Rachel Lindsay

I can't wait till Judge Sam Lindsay is my father-in-law.

Judge Lindsay and his famous daughter, Rachel
Judge Lindsay and his famous daughter, Rachel

In the latest in the string of bizarre and possibly supernatural incidents that have plagued me since childhood, it was announced Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the star of the upcoming season of The Bachelorette is the daughter of Sam Lindsay, the federal judge who sentenced me to 63 months in prison in a case that was denounced as retaliation for my work in exposing government wrongdoing by outlets ranging from the New York Times to Der Spiegel to U.S. News and World Report, by NGOs including Reporters Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, by former U.S. prosecutors, and by foreign members of parliament. Lindsay also ordered me to pay $800,000 in restitution to Stratfor, a State Department-linked firm that was revealed by Wikileaks to have conducted surveillance for Dow Chemical on Bhopal activists, among other things.

Naturally I didn’t want to end up facing additional charges in a courtroom run by a judge who didn’t find it suspicious that the DOJ attributed to me a quote calling for the death of Julian Assange that was actually uttered by Fox News contributor Bob Beckel on live television, as Assange himself pointed out at the time. So after the government was forced to drop the bulk of the charges due to fundamental flaws in how they were using the statutes, I pleaded guilty to three counts, including accessory after the fact. You see, I had called the executives of the firm after it was hacked and offered to redact any sensitive information from the stolen emails that could harm its informants living under dictatorships abroad. Incidentally, the search warrant the FBI had originally served on my apartment and on my mother’s house didn’t even mention Stratfor, but rather listed other firms, such as HBGary Federal and Endgame Systems, whose illegal activities I’d documented — as well as, the wiki on which my team presented our findings (and which has since moved). Judge Sam Lindsay didn’t find any of this suspicious, either.

D Magazine editor Tim Rogers wrote a pretty thorough rundown of the January 2015 sentencing hearing when it happened, and the fact that so many normally staid news organizations of all ideological stripes made the unusual decision to come right out and accuse the Department of Justice of having pursued me solely for my role in exposing illegal programs by state-linked intelligence contractors should be sufficiently telling. But in addition to revelations that the prosecution improperly withheld evidence in my case — something that the government prefers to do when it knows that the presiding judge doesn’t have a handle on what’s going on — it has also now been revealed via the lawsuit filed last week by the head of my legal defense fund that the prosecutor and FBI illicitly forced an online payment firm to provide them with the identities of everyone who contributed to my defense, and arranged to have this information sent via irregular methods — an act that is not only explicitly unconstitutional and disturbing, but also hard to square with the prosecution’s claims, accepted by Judge Lindsay, that this case wasn’t about going after dissent.

And as originally reported in D before my sentencing, the two lead agents on my case also went after the Dallas resident who provided server space to Edward Snowden and claimed in a court filing that he tried to avoid them by jumping over his balcony and running away. As Tim pointed out in that D story, the man, Ladar Levison, actually lived on the upper floor of a high-rise. This didn’t prevent Judge Lindsay from deferring to these same two FBI agents during the sentencing phase, in which a judge has to evaluate the evidence presented to him before making a decision about the fate of a human being.

All in all, Judge Lindsay presided over one of the most widely denounced federal cases in recent memory. And it will look much worse as certain other extraordinary details are made public, a process that began last week with the lawsuit against the Dallas FBI and federal prosecutor and which I expect to continue over the next year. In the meantime, it’s reasonable to ask how many other Dallas residents have been wrongly punished due to Judge Lindsay’s incompetence, and how I go about becoming one of the contestants on The Bachelorette.


  • Scooter

    I suggest you let the casting agent for the Bachelorette know..

    I think they’d like to have you on the show.

    • neincautusfuturi

      Yes, give it a shot!

  • theemilyann

    This article is disgusting, poorly written, poorly edited, and a thinly veiled threat to a person who literally has zero impact on his alleged treatment at the hands of a judge years ago.

    He thinks the reason he is in jail is aliens? “In the latest in the string of bizarre and possibly supernatural incidents that have plagued me since childhood, … ”

    WHAT? Ridiculous. Sorry many, whatever valid or invalid complaints you may have lost all credibility when you planned to use a human being as a prop (Rachel) in order to harass their father.

    • “Thinly veiled threat”? I think your mind has gone to far darker places than Barrett intended. I think he’s really hoping to go on a two-on-one date with Rachel.

      • Kathryn Weaver

        He sounds like a misogynist. He’s going to use Judge’s daughter to get back at him? What the fuck?

        • Burnt blunt 420

          It’s satire! You rodential, perverse, paid CIA commenter!

          • Kathryn Weaver

            Satire doesn’t make misogyny ok, right?

          • Benjamin Peters

            Apparently dictionaries don’t even make misogyny ok. Because I’m noticing a severe lack of any hostility towards women in this. I think you might have to try a new angle. Like one that makes sense.

          • shortringo

            Suggesting you are going to steal someone’s daughter in order punish him is insinuating 1. women are an object that belongs her father 2. it’s ok to prey on, exploit, and manipulate women for your own gain. So his threats of targeting/marrying Rachel is hostile. Or if you don’t want to entertain that it has anything to do with Rachel’s gender, it’s still creepy.

          • sacredgeometry

            Oh please do shut up. It’s not like women have ever used men to get something they wanted, even, shock horror, retribution!

            It’s human behaviour and has nothing to do with objectification and ownership and everything to do with childish single mindedness.

            Much like you are exhibiting now. Grow up.

          • shortringo

            ok sure. *wink* you know more than I do.

          • neincautusfuturi

            oh my god.

          • nik0

            I might not know what it’s like to have a vagina *wink wink. But I have been reading Barret’s work for a long time and its pretty easy to see that this is him just messing around. I know it’s probably hard to understand what trolling is since you have a tiny female brain. But I am sure there is a man in your life that has the patience to try and explain it to you.

          • Benjamin Peters

            Steal someone’s daughter? Good gods man, you have a fucked up imagination of what marriage is.

          • KareemAbdul

            Brilliant, thanks for the laugh.

          • shortringo

            You’re welcome! I’m glad you were willing to consider another point of view.

      • Nin

        Mr. Tim Rogers, please, tell Mr. Brown that our dog misses him. Tks!

    • Mavdog

      theemilyann: “He thinks the reason he is in jail is aliens? “In the latest in the string of bizarre and possibly supernatural incidents that have plagued me since childhood, … ”

      May I suggest the use of a dictionary? You clearly could benefit from a better understanding of the word “supernatural”.
      for your use:

      • Burnt blunt 420

        She’s a wrinkly, Kissinger-loving CIA shill account

      • Some Guy

        He thinks this random coincidence is something that has “happened” to him.

    • Burnt blunt 420

      Kissinger paid you to make your account. Fraud

    • Jester1137

      This is what happens when the damned liberals take Hunter S Thompson out of the schools.

  • If you didn’t like this post and you are mad at Barrett — whom the feds will not allow to use a computer and, thus, whose defense I, his editor, Tim Rogers, must offer — then wouldn’t the way this post works against Barrett be the BEST thing about it, not the worst?

    The preceding sentence was 51 words.

    • Kathryn Weaver

      It was 51 words. It was also poorly written.

      • Burnt blunt 420

        No it wasn’t, you dancing Israeli freak

      • Benjamin Peters

        You seem to be mistaking poorly written with poorly received. There is no doubt from outside observers to which it actually is.

    • Jason Smith

      Tim, this piece is objectively bad, and publishing it was a disservice to your friend.

      If you’re this guy’s editor, you should have edited his work.

      First: I know you want to capitalize on the Bachelor hype, but you could have figured out a way to work in the reference so that it’s relevant.

      My suggestion: Look for a way to draw comparisons between the Lindsey’s and the Palin’s or the Trump’s – the other TV reality people who are in government and are widely panned for being ridiculous.

      Second: This article is very difficult to read. He’s giving me a ton of details about his case, and I’m trying to follow them, to see how they connect back to this bachelor angle, but those details are packed so tightly into these dense paragraphs, the article collapses under its own weight.

      Finally: This kid Barrett is a fucking horrible. He’s just a horrible person.

      After reading two of his Vanity Fair articles, his Wikipedia page, and analyzing your presentation of him, I’ve decided: he’s a fucking cunt.

      He can’t write. And that’s pretty bad for a guy who calls himself a journalist. Maybe he should have stuck it out at UT. I think all the classes where you actually learn things happen in the third and fourth years.

      And he’s a spoiled brat. He went to Preston Hollow, couldn’t finish college, writes a handful of articles, lives in Uptown, and he’s a heroin addict. How’s that work? He’s living off his mother, I’m sure.

      If this guy did anything important for Anonymous, he wouldn’t be talking to you about it.

      He’s duped you, Tim, and everyone else. I don’t know how. It’s Kevin Mitnick all over again. Mitnick was technically incompetent. He knew just enough to be dangerous – just enough to impress the people that didn’t know anything. And that worked out OK for him.

      But it won’t work for Barrett.

      He’ll suck his mother’s teat dry and end up dead in an alley behind some methadone clinic, or be murdered by the weight of his own body, because he was too incompetent to tie a proper neck-breaking noose.

      Because he’s a spoiled, shitty kid, Tim. So stop writing about him, and stop publishing him.

      On a scale of Affluenza Kid to Martin Shkreli, I’d put this kid at a solid Justin Bieber.

    • Some Guy

      If you’re his editor, I dunno, perhaps you could maybe actually edit his incoherent ravings?

  • Kathryn Weaver

    So I would like to point out this is a HIGHLY BIASED article. It is ill-conceived to pass judgment on Judge Lindsay solely based on Brown’s testament; we need facts from legitimate sources.

    Also, Brown says “All in all, Judge Lindsay presided over one of the most widely denounced federal cases in recent memory.” When I google” Judge Lindsay” with “controversy” or “scandal” or “incompetent” I find nothing relating to this. Even when I google his name with “Barrett Brown” all I get is something about Brown being proven mentally fit for trial. So Brown’s above statement seems to be a huge exaggeration.

    Not to mention my psychiatrist senses are screaming, “sociopath!” from Barrett Brown’s line “I can’t wait till Judge Sam Lindsay is my father-in-law.” I don’t even trust Brown as far as I can throw him.

    Regardless what actually happened, Brown’s statements toward Rachel are inappropriate, degrading, predatory, promoting rape culture, sexist, and racist.

    • Burnt blunt 420

      So obvious that it’s satire. Fucking CIA paid commenter

      • Kathryn Weaver

        Well if the CIA agrees that misogyny is wrong, I would gladly get paid by them. 🙂

    • Jester1137

      If you want to really be effective in getting Black PR out there, you need to change the script from time to time and try to avoid overwhelming one comments section with rapid fire posts.

      All the personas involved are writing in an identical style. That’s not effective.

      At this point, you might actually benefit from tutoring by employees of the Church of Scientology’s “OSA”. You’re that clumsy.

      • shortringo

        Nah, I’m just posting my opinion. Not trying to make this look professional or anything.

        • Benjamin Peters

          He’s explaining why no one believes that. And why no one here is interested in that opinion.

          • shortringo

            1. There are others who have expressed similar sentiments.
            2. Just because no one is interested in my opinion doesn’t mean I shouldn’t post it.
            3. I’m don’t understand why a woman expressing their opinion on the internet gets more criticism than a troll that tells a woman they should die.

          • jprandt

            because the see right through you

          • shortringo


          • jprandt

            thx…write german and ill help you

          • Benjamin Peters

            No one said don’t post it. Just don’t cry so hard when it’s right eviscerated.

            I’m sure there’s a lot of things you don’t understand. Like how your imaginary version of this article isn’t actually real.

    • Joe Gardiner

      First of all there is no rape culture, I’m tired of hearing those words. If there is, show clear examples with facts. What makes it racist? Nothing. Degrading, possibly, but predatory? She signed up to date men on television. If you are indeed a psychiatrist , my advice to you is “physician, heal thyself”. You are a whackjob. Sarcasm must know that, it avoids you like the plague.

    • Jim Lunsford

      My human instincts are screaming “Shill” when I read your comment. You know an article has struck a nerve when piece of shit shills like you flood the comment pages. When you betrayed your country did it hurt?

      • shortringo

        You do realize that you make absolutely no sense, right?

    • nik0

      I can”t believe your husband/father allows you on the internet unsupervised!

  • Kathryn Weaver

    Am I reading Breitbart?

    • Burnt blunt 420

      No, you gross puke-like Operation Mockingbird fuckrat

      • Kathryn Weaver

        Thank you 🙂 Your comment has entirely changed how I view myself.

    • DavoHimself

      d[pp*67z] – SPOOK SAYS WHUT..?

  • Kathryn Weaver
    • Burnt blunt 420

      Go get caught in an escalator you putrid CIA paid commenter

      • Kathryn Weaver

        I wish I was getting paid…
        Just an intelligent human being that likes to think for herself.

        I appreciate the death wish though 🙂 it brought a lot of validity to your argument

        • jprandt

          an intelligent human being knows the difference between being traped in an escalator and a death wish … you on the other hand did not
          so … what are you then ?

          greeting from germany we are very pleased to see that after so many years you finally going to fascism as well SATIRE (because yeah your not that smart … mr sheldon cooper traped inside a girl)

          • shortringo

            Ah, I misread the sentence. I see now he meant I am so stupid I could get trapped (the correct spelling btw) on an escalator and not realize I could just walk off of it. My mistake. I’m not sure how someone as stupid as me got a medical degree and became a doctor. :/ Oh well, joke’s on me.

            Though I do find it fascinating some are more concerned about my response to verbally aggressive comments than the actually comments which use insults such as “putrid,” “rodential,” “perverse,” and “dancing Israeli freak.” (I’m confused where the last one came from). I love the priorities.

          • jprandt

            everybody knows once traped in an escalator there is no way out & you will die … lol … so good

            its the tone of your writing … (how you argue) passive agressive..
            and english is not my native language, funny thing is you understood me perfectly well, but you could not resist to mention my mistakes in my writing, which tells a lot about you

          • shortringo

            I couldn’t resist because you were commenting on my intelligence, so it was just ironic.

            Yep, I am passive aggressive. That’s how we do it in the midwest.

          • jprandt

            ok makes sense but

            1. to be passive agressive isnt a good attitude
            2. to justify something by saying its the midwest way …

            if that would be true i could say (if i would be a racist which im not) its the german way … thats not an excuse

          • shortringo

            So you think being passive aggressive isn’t a “good attitude,” but you have no problem with someone being verbally abusive?

          • jprandt


            1. right now we are talking about you
            2. i did not say that i have no problem with someone being verbally abusive … thats another thing .. step by step
            3. if you dont see your own fault why should somebody else see his ?

            there are two ways

            a) solve the problem “argue” & find a solution
            b) bring gasoline … light it up and wonder why it burns …

            which way do you like more ?

          • shortringo

            So then why are you only criticizing my comments and not any of the verbally abusive ones? Or why are you posting verbally abusive comments?

          • jprandt

            like i said step by step … it like talking to my child “but the did it to …”
            yeah but right now we are talking about ??? you ..
            and if you want to believe that i cant force you ..

            but its funny that you never put yourself into perspective, its like you already have made up your mind. i only write to because you said you where a doctor and doctors are driven by logic “if …then..” so i said ok i can argue with that person but since then we didnt. not even on the topic itself..

            instead if feel like im in kindergarden

          • Jim Lunsford

            Passive Aggressive isn’t a midwest attitude; it’s a sign of inferiority.

          • Jim Lunsford

            Doctors are some of the biggest dumbasses in the world. Which is why our hospitals are the most dangerous places to visit. If doctors were healers (rather than business entities) you would hear doctors on the front-lines clamoring for preventive measures to reduce heart and cancer diseases. Instead, doctors have historically shilled for tobacco companies and the like. Nutrition? Historically not an issue for doctors. What you eat doesn’t matter to your (supposed) profession. Doctors misdiagnose to a degree that is amazing, care deeply until the insurance runs out, and so on. So, not surprised you claim to be one. Intelligent? Not even close. How smart do you have to be to be a fucking shill?

          • shortringo

            Lol what are you even talking about? Everyone knows that doctors are always telling people they need to eat and exercise. That’s why we refer to nutritionists in the clinic. And no one else really thinks doctors are stupid. You are just being ridiculous. haha.

          • Jim Lunsford

            You are just being a shill. Don’t you have some cigarettes to hawk? Or some records to change to protect you from a lawsuit? You sure do have a lot of free time for a doctor. Filling up half of this comment thread with your idiotic comments. I know you aren’t a doctor, just some piece of shit being paid next to nothing to attempt to muddy the waters. Your just not that good at it. And if you are a doctor, then why aren’t you “healing” your patients? Or did their insurance lapse?

    • Jim Lunsford

      You reference the New York Times for an example of real journalism? How fucking hilarious! Half their traffic is chinese webbots. Nobody reads that shit! Name Judith Miller mean anything? How about CIA front organization? You are a fucking joke.

  • Some Guy

    So, some not very remarkable coincidence that has nothing to do with you…is a thing that happened to you? And you’re upset at the judge who sentenced you after you pled guilty. He should have sent you home with a free puppy?

    What a bloody sad narcissist you are.

    • Burnt blunt 420

      Paid CIA shill account ^

      • Some Guy

        Do fewer drugs, guy. Also, take a shower and make your bed.

        Love, mom

  • Loren G

    Judge Lindsay has been the subject of numerous “unusual” rulings. Here’s another where this judge attacked the media:

  • C Newman

    Mr. Brown bringing out some passionate discussion this evening, like it.
    No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative.
    It gets the people going.

  • neincautusfuturi

    Hilarious. Thnx for the laugh, BB

  • Towski

    This is by far the most confusing comment string I’ve ever read on Frontburner.

  • T_S_

    What happened in here?

    • JamieT

      I could be wrong, but in Barrett Lancaster Brown I believe FrontBurner has finally found its own white, urban Millennial version of Steve Blow.

      If he ends up falling in love with and marrying a lass named Muffy the spell will be complete.

      • T_S_

        Kissinger paid you to say that.

        • JamieT

          In Bitcoin. Sneaky ole Hank!

  • Jackie Aldridge

    Daughter being on the Bachelorette is probably a payoff for his accommodating attitude. A nice little launch for an aspiring celebrity. Tom and Rachael Lindsey, you’ll go far. .

  • Ken

    You should have a Doctor remove that cork from up your ass J

  • seylerius

    This column may be offensive to some readers for perceived misogyny or poor writing, but I find the continued weasel speak disgusting. Barrett Brown, as well as others, falsely claimed his mom’s home was searched without a warrant. You can hear him say this as recently as December ( @4:19). In this article, he references the warrant he previously denied, without offering further explanation of the inconsistency with his earlier statement. He cites claims that the case against him was retaliatory without clarifying his own actions that led to his prosecution. He linked himself with the hackers by calling Stratfor in his public identity to negotiate redactions, he interfered with the search warrant by hiding laptops in his mother’s cabinet when he knew they were searching him, and he issued public threats to fire on any armed approach to his door ( Just because retaliation is claimed doesn’t mean the claim is justified, and since it isn’t this appeal to authority falls flat. To my observation, Brown’s legal team did not challenge the search warrant in court. If the warrant was “suspicious”, the responsibility to challenge it rested on his team during the court process, not a different judge than the one who signed it. It’s good of Brown to improve his accuracy in recounting the facts of his case, but more improvement is still needed for his comments on this case to be credible. There are aspects — such as the unprecedented restitution referenced in this — that stand out as unjust without any hyperbole. Keep sharpening that satirical knife, Barrett, so that one day you might cut the beast more deeply than your own wounds lie.

  • So, because you question BBs competence as a Journalist it then leads you to think the Judge may have gotten the case right!?! Thats quite a stretch.

    “Yes, your honour, Im asking you to believe that even though all the evidence points to the fact that this man DIDNT commit a crime, I would like you to take into account that he is, in fact, a terrible Journalist, and so must be guilty!”

    I love this new way of thinking. Fuck facts! Lets make a case based on how much we like someones artistic output!

  • nik0

    If you don’t like it. Don’t read it.