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Eddie Bernice Johnson Punks Paul Ryan

After the house speaker posted history's biggest (and whitest) congressional selfie, the Dallas rep wryly responded with her own.

Depending on which version of America your Facebook feed corrals you into living, you may — or may not — have seen Paul Ryan’s now infamous selfie of the latest crop of Republican Capitol Hill interns. The image, which Ryan claimed set a record for the most #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie, was ridiculed for its incredible, well, whiteness. Regardless of your political persuasion, you have to admit that the image is striking for its lack of diversity. If I were a Republican strategist with a keen eye on the shifting demographics of the country, it would be the kind of photo that would give me night sweats — that is, after having drunk myself into a blackout in a Cleveland hotel room with the shades drawn, doors locked, and television unplugged.

Well, yesterday, the other side of the aisle shot back. Dallas’ own Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson had her intern snap a similar selfie on the steps of the Capitol, and, well, the results speak for themselves. Interesting, Johnson doesn’t appear in her own selfie, having her own intern take the shot, which somehow feels like a more distinguished and appropriate move.

Anyway, like everything about the elevated tenor of our refined national political conversion, selfies make for good times online.



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  • More likely the elderly EBJ doesn’t know how to work a phone.

  • Love it !

  • baba_blksheep

    Looks like an episode of Family Feud

    • Dwb

      We get your message Ryan ,its no5 nice but we get what your mond det is ,smile

  • Ian R Walton

    This article is so typical of the left. Self righteous, pretending to be diverse, consumed with LOOKING diverse and symbolism, yet stoking the fires of division. Where the left sees in President Obama and his party inclusiveness and tolerance, I and many others see the use of division and cynical black versus white, red versus blue rhetoric which actually does NOT bring people together but rather stokes the fires of violence and anger.

    • James White

      You see divisions fomented by Obama? Were you wearing your glasses?

    • AlexTheGreat

      tell that to your racist republican attack dogs who have questioned and attacked Obama’s every move, called him ridiculous names and questioned his birth NON-STOP since 2008. Even when he presented clear proof of his birth, they called him a liar. Do not try to push the division on us, it was YOU. The disrespect for the President is a clear reflection of the far right (who now controls the party) and their race fueled agenda. You are on a losing path and the picture above is just a glimmer of why that is.

    • Too bad she doesn’t know how to create quality jobs for her interns … but at least they have experience with working for free!

  • Setthepeoplefree_start_with_me

    “Working for free” for the Dems is certainly one way for retribution considering the Democrats are the party of the KKK and slavery…..isn’t it? The nation of Islam, the new black panthers, and BLM must be pleased. 😉

    • James White

      Of course names are fungible as are party priorities. The legacy of those organizations is he Republican Party.

    • LukeTheHallowed

      Before the Civil Rights Act was passed (with HEAVY support from LBJ) the Democrats and Republicans were divided as Northern and Southern. Once the law passed, the once Southern Democrats changed sides and joined the Republican Party.

      • Setthepeoplefree_start_with_me

        but Hillary isn’t a Republican……She is a huge Klan fan….progressives were big fans of slavery in the time….. Hillary admired Margie Sanger…..and Margie, well she loved aborting black babies most of all….. But it is ok, because Hillary carries hot sauce in her purse…….all is forgiven. right? 😉

      • Nathanial Poling

        nothing like a little bit of skewed history

    • AlexTheGreat

      The democrats of that time would be republicans of today. Now that’s a fact, Jack!

    • Betty Culbreath

      You people are funny giving so much credit to BLM they have ask for nothing and hurt anyone.KKK killed people burn their homes just because they were Black.BLM,New Black Panthers have killed no one,burn no one just because they are White.

      • Setthepeoplefree_start_with_me

        Dead cops don’t count Betty? Threats of violence? Hijacking events? Storm trooping malls and restaurants? Perhaps you should watch something other than man MSNBC and BET.

  • retnavhmc

    If it “looked more like America” there’d only be ~12-13% blacks, 4-5% Asian, Hispanic – 16-17%…. and those evil racist whites – 72-77% ( ……. and not a photo depicting only a penance of white interns. Nope – it does look more like a bunch of Democrats….. with their rich white keepers keeping them brain washed that they’re for them, just like them, poor – and out to bring the rich man down to their level…. all the while tossing them their free shit.

    • James White

      Once more the statement Fox News makes you dumb is affirmed.

    • AlexTheGreat

      well hot dang! could you repeat that, in proper English please? Is there a hick to English translator in the house?

  • mike5586

    How embarrassing. For the democrats, that is. Ryan took a picture for fun and democrats took one to show how brown and black and how non-white they are. Which group is supposed to be obsessed with race, again?

  • Louisa Smith

    Ryan is an incredible coward. That will be his legacy. He’s a political coward plain and simple. He couldn’t run a prostitute ring.

  • E Baccam

    Apparently the hispanics, asians, women and men in Ryan’s photo don’t count as diversity, nor should they, I guess. The only diversity that should matter is diversity of viewpoint – which knows no color. I’m a white kid from the hood, broken home, that grew up below the poverty line. My viewpoint is very different than a white kid from Highland Park. But if we were standing next to each other in Ryan’s photo, you wouldn’t care. A black kid from Chicago and a black kid from Nigeria are going to have very different viewpoints, but you wouldn’t know that if they were standing next to each other in a photo either.

    One picture is skewed by skin color one way and the other is skewed by skin color another way. Ask the questions that matter, Peter. What are their viewpoints? What are their values? If we’re to be colorblind, we might need to stop deeming skin color the only measure of diversity.

  • Nathanial Poling

    at least the Republican interns are actually paid a fair wage…

  • CTL10

    Not as bad as she punked her constituents when she gave the scholarships meant for them to her relatives, am I right??

  • JamieT

    Why, each photo is a veritable concentration camp of diversity.

  • Peter Simek

    Goodness, I can’t believe no one has commented in appreciation of my rick roll, which was the whole point of this post. So dejected now by the state of America.

  • AR84

    Black male posting…..The race baiting by the Democrats is horrible in this. While I understand the importance of diversity and a proponent of the concept, it is very important that we not make everything black and white. Using a fun selfie by Paul Ryan to promote further divisiveness is a darn shame. We all know the Republican party has less diversity. We also know that the Democratic Party is more diverse but that’s not necessarily a great thing. Because in hiring and the progress of ideas, diversity is wonderful but not most important. Why? Because in the diversity discussion, many are sacrificing talent just to have a diverse profile picture. I wouldn’t hire right wing (Ted Cruz like) person to work at a LGBT non-profit. Just like I wouldn’t hire an art major to run a basketball team. Diversity is wonderful when it’s natural. Forced diversity tears down, just ask the Dallas school district.

  • Setthepeoplefree_start_with_me

    (And whitest).???…….Sleazy journalism. How racist can you get? What if the dems pic cam out and someone said that is the blackest intern photo I have ever seen considering USA is only about 12.2%black. Dems want to keep blacks on the plantation. Sad but true. BTW. Hillary loves the KKK. Sick crooked Clinton.