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Mavsman new look

Why MavsMan Looks Different This Season

Even the mascot isn’t used to the new look yet, just about halfway through the season.
Texas vs. California

A Local(ish) Perspective on the California Exodus

A few years ago, Daniel Earl Norman left Dallas for the West Coast. He returned to a land that is hardly recognizable.
Financial Services

Uneasy Times Call For Unusual Investments (That Your Financial Advisor Wouldn’t Recommend)

Five totally not crazy alternative investments that your advisor is too timid to tell you about.
By Joseph Guinto
Eric Celeste tumor

The Summer My Body Fell Apart

I spent a lot of my summer at the Baylor Surgicare outpatient center. It’s my regular spot, in some ways. And so I was thrilled to fill out this survey about my time there.
By Eric Celeste
Highland Park DIY

Watch Out, Highland Park DIYers!

How to use a simple anchor bolt to destroy a library.
By T.C. Newby



Breaking News: It’s Hot in July in Texas, and ERCOT Is Still Doing it Wrong

It’s very hot. But it’s always very hot this time of year. So what gives with all this energy panic?
By Alice Laussade
Glass Houses

These Glass Houses Are All Above Asking

Open-concept homes are super cute, but where am I supposed to hide my true self? Especially when I’m having to pay ... how much?
By Alice Laussade
name your yacht

For $100,000 I Will Name Your Yacht

Pretty self explanatory, right?
By Why MavsMan Looks Different This Season Laura Kostelny
Gorilla attacking reunion tower dallas

How Would Dallas Stand Up to a Summer Blockbuster-Level Disaster?

Flood. Earthquake. Aliens. Dinosaurs. European terrorists. How would we handle it?