Poll: How to Pick Dallas’ Next City Manager

You know, whenever A.C. Gonzalez leaves.


In the March issue of D Magazine, Eric Celeste lays out the case for why A.C. Gonzalez, Dallas’ city manager, should resign. Or be gently pushed out the door. Or not-so-gently pushed out the door. Something.

Even if Gonzalez hangs on to his post another couple of years to guarantee himself a significantly larger pension, isn’t it likely that the Dallas City Council will then do what it did the last time it had the opportunity to hire a professional to run the place? Tap a career bureaucrat with long-time ties to, and investment in, the way that things have always run at 1500 Marilla?

Or do you believe they’d pick a true outsider for the gig? Or take even more drastic steps? More to the point of this post, what do you think they should do?