Leading Off (12/14/15)

UNT Police Kill Student Wielding An Axe. Police were called early Sunday morning after a man was spotted knocking out car windows; at least seven vehicles were later found damaged. An officer arrived and found Ryan McMillan with an axe. The officer says he was still holding the axe when he moved toward him. The officer fired three shots, killing McMillan. He had just turned 21 on Saturday.

Lewisville Lake Dam a Looming Disaster. “Only 34 miles upstream from Dallas, the 6.2-mile-long Lewisville Dam holds back 2.5 billion tons of water when the lake is full. That’s 125 times as much as the dam that failed in Johnstown, Pa., in 1889, killing 2,209 people in the nation’s worst flood.” So, it is important to note that the Corps of Engineers might be asked soon to classify it as “critically near failure” — critically near, as in “almost certain to fail under normal operations … within a few years without intervention.” Great.

Cowboys Lose. Technically, the team is still just barely alive in the race (?) for the NFC East title after yet another dispiriting loss. But come on. Guys. Come on. It’s over. Like the man says, this sums it up pretty well.