• AeroRazavi

    Not only do you have White Rock Airport there, but you have the old Garland airport, which would later become Incredible Universe.

    • Michael Mason

      If you’re talking about the Incredible Universe that became the current Frys, then the Garland Airport at Jupiter and NW Highway is quite a bit west of the current Frys.

  • brent

    Fascinating! I love old maps. My neighborhood, White Rock Valley, just north of lake was barely there. Weirdly, the now Lanshire Drive used to be Mockingbird Lane and most of the streets weren’t even there yet. Apparently, that used to be the far-flung suburbs of Dallas.

  • Peter Simek

    What is this? Who do you think you are, Wilonsky?

    • TheSlowPath

      No classic rock Dallas concert mention, so your theory is busted on it’s face.

    • Tim Rogers

      If you look closely on that map, you can see my grandfather’s auto shop.

  • WRE Dad

    Great Find!!! I’m also a WRV Resident and love seeing how it used to be. The amount of radio stations in the area at that time is interesting. KBOX was at Audelia/McCree across from Church for many years…

  • TheSlowPath

    I’m not sure I understand how life and the economy worked back then. Were these all self-sufficient farms? It seems like they’d be incapable of reaching jobs and stores in downtown Dallas, since there aren’t any eight lane freeways there. Where did all the traffic go?

  • Peter Simek

    Yeah, you’re right.

  • Jerome Weeks

    Sorta weird how not only does Mockingbird Lane NOT cross White Rock Lake, it looks as though it just deposits all its traffic into the White Rock Creek bed, right along the MKT rail line. Would like to hear from anyone who survived that particular commute. Or did you — a la Grand Theft Auto V — just accelerate the car and leap on to the passing train?

    • Peter Kurilecz

      If you look north you’ll see Mockingbird Lane up around Flagpole hill

  • Aaron Jaska

    So it was alright to bulldoze through Boy Scout Hill to build Mockingbird Lane 60 years ago but we cant put a restaurant it the same location now?! Just sayin.

    • Jerome Weeks

      Well, yeah. Precisely. That was 60 years ago.

  • Jay Cutcher

    Jerome – you’re showing to be a hypocrite. The argument was about time, it was about protecting mother nature and all the traffic the would be caused. Do you want to argue that Mockingbird did not increase traffic to WR?

  • Peter Kurilecz
  • Jerome Weeks

    Nope. I’m arguing that maybe in 60 years, we might have learned something about traffic and development around White Rock Lake.

  • brent

    That last link is pretty great because you can time lapse from 1952 to 1958 to 1972 and newer. My WRV street wasn’t on the 1957 map above but when I looked at the historic aerials from 1958, boom, there it was. I even cross-checked on dallascad and most of the original houses have construction dates of 1956-1957.

  • mr_lakewood

    Still the center of the universe.

    If you notice there was an old wooden bridge (Huff Trail) which went over the railroad to “Rawlins” and Fisher Road on the Lakewood side. It mysteriously burned down in the 60s – if you can find a picture of that you would make a lot of people happy.

  • nychtw

    Huh. I have that map (the 1958 version, along with 3 others) on a wall in my house & never noticed the airports. Mine also show the updates in 1968 and 78, I think, which is what differentiates the pink areas from other colors. Is that an original with only info from 1958? They’re also 22″x27″, if anyone curious, so this is only one tiny part of the map.

    If you want one of your own, check estate sales. That’s where mine came from.

  • Billy O

    My dad took flying lessons there and I actually got a couple of flights with his instructor.

  • AtoZ

    You need to clink on the linked word “enjoy,” instead of clicking on the posted image. If you click the link, you get the full 22″ x 27″ map. By the way, does anyone know what the word “Rawlins” denotes, on the west edge of the lake (in Lakewood)? Is it the name of a hill? Something to do with the railroad? I can’t figure it out, and I’ve never heard that term used in that neighborhood.

  • nychtw

    Ah ha, I only clicked on the original image.

    As for Rawlins, it’s the same font and size as Reinhardt, which was the original community/farm in that area and the namesake of the elementary school. Maybe Rawlins was also a small community or farm. I’m curious now, too. On the Addison map, there’s an area on the Brookhaven Country Club grounds called Rawhide. I’ve never heard of that, either.

    I also noticed in comparing the maps that Wahoo Lake near Dunbar High School is a completely different, and much smaller, shape on my map. Does that lake even exist now?

    The blue gridded area below the Stack Pump Plant is also missing, but the road around it is still there.

    (For the record, once I was at home I saw my map was updated in 1973, not 78.)

  • Susan Hundley

    Garland Airport was at Garland Rd. and Nw Hwy. So, technically, close to Fry’s & Sam’ Mom flew single engine aircraft out of that location in the 60’s 🙂

  • Susan Hundley

    Garland Airport was at Garland Rd. & Nw Hwy (NW quadrant), so basically near Fry’s & Sams today. My mom flew single engine aircraft out of that airport!

  • WRE Dad

    Pull up a current map and compare… AeroRazavi is correct… Use subdivision on south side of Northwest Highway was reference point to 1957 map

  • terrydba

    Weren’t there biplane sky-writers based out of the Garland airport? I remember them from around 73? 74?

  • carol

    Just searching for a photo of the bridge. Great childhood memories of begging my mom to drive us over the “scary bridge”. Have never forgotten it. Would love to see a photo!

  • Janis Shaffer

    Tim, So I am 2 years late to the party. Can anyone tell me what the colors indicate? I am particularly interested in the white area.