Leading Off (3/6/14)

Stories that you need to know about, probably.

One Of Gloria Campos’ Wednesday’s Child Successes Surprises Her. Pretty sweet moment. Campos signs off on Friday after 30 years on the air. After a few weeks off, she’ll join up with Snyder & Associates.

American Eagle Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Greenville. There was smoke in the plane. Everyone seems to be fine. Weird thing is, when I saw this story first posted on Twitter, I think by someone from NBC Channel 5, it said “American Eagle Flight Makes Emergency Landing On [emphasis mine] Greenville.” Which I took to be Greenville Avenue, which is some real Con Air/S.W.A.T. business, so obviously I was super excited. Alas.

Someone, For Whatever Reason, Spent $7,250 For “DALLAS” License Plate. If I were going to spend $7,250 on a vanity plate for my car, I can guarantee you two things: 1) my local version of Ocean’s 11 finally pulled off the superchurch heist and 2) that plate is going to have a curse word on it, somehow.

Mavs Waste Solid Game By Dirk Nowitzki, Lose Three In a Row For First Time This Season. And it wasn’t really as close as the final score appears. So, good times.

If You Need More Preparation For Daylight Savings Time Other Than a Text From Your Mom Reminding You About It, I Really Don’t Know What To Say. Come on, NBC Channel 5 website.


  • January Jones

    Good for Gloria Campos and her Wednesday’s Child charity. It’s good to see a celebrity who has is actually promoting a useful charity and not just the disease of the month club.