Why D Magazine Is Proud to Be the City Magazine of Place by the Meadow, Land of Friends

I grew up in Valley Farm.
I grew up in Valley Farm.

A couple of cartographers have drawn a nifty map that replaces all our familiar city and state names with the original meanings of the words. They call it the Atlas of True Names.

Dallas, Texas, is in actuality “Place by the Meadow, Land of Friends.” Fort Worth is “Fort Settlement “(kind of a dull change). Arlington is the infinitely cooler “Farm of the Elf Counsel’s People.” I think we should all email, call, fax, carrier pigeon messages to Mayor Robert Cluck immediately, calling on Arlington to adopt its true name. I guarantee it’d be a better move than some of their other branding efforts.

Take the jump to play around with a zoomable version of the map.

(Thanks to Slate)