Leading Off (3/25/12)

Dallas Police Want To Clamp Down on Camping on Public Property: Remember Occupy Dallas? Well, it turns out the movement’s legacy may have more to do with the legality of how you camp on public property, than any global economic situation. The camping messiness was a pain for Dallas Police (what with the underage sexual assault and all), so the department is leading the charge to tighten regulations on camping on public park properties.

Dez Bryant Is So Over Domestic Abuse: Mayor Mike Rawlings is still leading the charge on domestic violence. And you know who showed up to the mayor’s rally in Dallas? Mother-loving Dez Bryant:

“Here’s all you need to know,” [Bryant] said. “I’m done with domestic abuse.”

Dallas Stars Trade Captain Brenden Morrow: The Stars are, well, building. It’s all about 2015 out in Frisco. So I think dumping captain Brenden Morrow for Joe Morrow, a scoring defenseman and 2011 number 23 pick overall (plus some draft picks), is a lot better than letting the captain run out his contract and go into free agency over the summer. But still, if the Dallas Cowboys lost Tony Romo or the Texas Rangers lost Michael Young (oh wait), you would feel funny about it. Guy Carbonneau’s daughter Anne-Marie (aka Mrs. Morrow) tweeted this lonely shot of the bags packed after 14 years in Dallas.


  • Mike

    If the Cowboys lost Romo I would feel just as funny as if I won the Powerball.