• bigjondaniel

    In light of people getting shot every day all over our country, and the fear that many pro athletes and their families have of violence, why in the world would you post this?

  • Oak Cliff Townie

    This kind of Stupid could get someone a Visit from the BATFE….Not for shooting the washer or even the Jersey .
    But they might want to know what kind of explosive device someone manufactured that made it go boom

  • BenS.

    It’s Tannerite. You can buy it in almost every sporting goods store here in Dallas by the pound.

    Or you can make it yourself using those freezer cold pack things. Tannerite requires a high speed projectile like a rifle bullet to set it off. It won’t blow up in a fire, dropping it, throwing it.

  • Christopher

    The irony is that he missed his target 3 times, sorta like the guy he hates (3 INTs).