Dallas Bond Election’s Facebook Page Is Off the Rails

“I wasn’t planning on voting for the bond program, but now I will,” said no one, ever. Source: Vote Yes Dallas

If you’re one of the whopping 117 people who have liked the Facebook page for “Vote Yes Dallas,” you’ve seen these by now. But since there are (roughly) 1,223,112 Dallas residents who haven’t liked the page, here’s the rundown.

The city hired The Reeds PRC to run its bond election marketing campaign, including its Facebook and Twitter pages. Both haven’t exactly been wild social media successes, but that’s probably due to the relatively non-controversial nature of the $600 million bond program, not poor execution.

That brings us to the photos/memes Vote Yes Dallas has been posting to its Facebook wall, including the peyote dream at the top of the page. Jump for more ridiculousness:

“Sure we’re made some mistakes, this baby wasn’t exactly planned, and we wear the same size bathing suit, but the bond election will fix everything. We shall rename our baby ‘Rawlings.'”
“I’ve seen other people use these olde tyme photos on Facebook, but let’s add a very specific quote that most people will not understand. That will bring in the votes.”
I really have no idea what the thought process was behind this one.


  • Kyle

    A lot more current and clever than what most bond campaigns do with social media that’s for sure. And that last image is a meme of the guy who was in the Mitt Romney, since you apparently dont know.


    Actually I’m impressed they’ve tried a contemporary irreverent take with what is arguably the most boring thing on the ballot.

  • Kyle

    Says the blog whose Top Story in the upper right is “Is your dog the cutest ever?”

    Wow. cutting edge stuff, that is…