Meet the Bloggers

Our web team tells me that traffic has been really brisk lately, which tells me that there are likely a lot of new people coming to FrontBurner who are unfamiliar with our contributors. This post is aimed at acquainting you with us. From upper left, moving clockwise: that’s Zac Crain, Krista Nightengale, me, and Michael J. Mooney. Thanks for stopping by. And, as always, we welcome your comments.


  • towski

    Three neckbeards and a little lady.

  • Jef

    The layout is very Brady Bunch. You need to be looking off screen at one another and to have Wick in the middle.

  • DesignBoy

    Krista needs to grow a beard.

  • Lauren

    Hmmmm. I was expecting something much more undercutting for your response to CM Dallas

  • PR

    Mooney likes like a slightly heavier version of Keith Stone.

  • Jeff

    OMG, the eyes reveal everything, don’t they: Zac Crain is Mike Rawlings’ illegitimate son. Those recurring posts make so much more sense now.

  • Fathinating

    ‘scuse me,
    to disagree,
    but zac’s eyes are michaels –
    plus (XXX) years.

  • RAB

    The reason he goes by the pretentious “Michael J.” moniker — and sports the hair and beard — is because he’s the “Mikey” from the Life commercial from 1972. Clearly, he’s been scarred by it:

  • Marketing Gal

    Correction. Your unaudited traffic. What about your mascot, Bethany. At one time she couldn’t stop writing even when she allegedly stopped commenting. Now she overwrites in her Friday blogs and never comments.

  • Bill Marvel

    Bearded hippie freak!

  • GuiltyBystander

    The placement of hands in each picture raises the question of some sort of choking fetish. Please explain. Or did someone lose another bet?

  • Why am I not surprised Zac would use the wrong hand for the pose?

  • Kk

    The most surprising thing to me is….I thought Zac was a youngster. I mean nothing negative by that, he just has a joie de vivre that’s usually beaten out of writers by the time they’re as gray as he apparently is.

    • @Kk: I can’t tell you how happy your comment makes me. But I’ll try. It makes me really, really happy. Yes, Zac is pretty gray for a 45-year-old.

  • Bob

    Will we get an update next week on how much your web traffic fell after you posted these pictures? Bet it drops faster than Rick Perry’s popularity after his OOPS moment.