Leading Off (7/16/12)

Grandma, Baby Survive Wild Middle of The Night Adventure Unscathed: Elizabeth Smith’s grand baby was sick, and so early Saturday morning around 3 a.m. she headed to a 24-hour pharmacy in Pleasant Grove. On the way back, a man in a passing truck stopped and told her to get in his vehicle. Smith refused, the man pulled a gun, and the grandmother ran, finding shelter near a church and calling the police. When the police arrived, Smith and baby got in the squad car, only to be suddenly swept up in a three mile high speed chase.

Storm Causes Chaos At Hospital, Lake: Yesterday’s afternoon storm knocked out power at the Doctors Hospital near White Rock Lake. Then the backup generator failed, leaving the hospital without power for nearly two hours. On Lake Ray Hubbard, the storm reportedly caused panic, as sudden winds and waves stranded and capsized boats.

If Three Shots Are Fired in Downtown Dallas, How Many People Will They Hit? The answer is zero, but this is not a joke about the business district’s lack of vibrancy. In fact, hundreds of people were reportedly hanging out downtown early Sunday morning when the shots were fired at Dallas police officers by 23-year-old Daniel Cortez (an obviously brilliant young man who was later arrested). In addition to the gunfire, fights were breaking out as clubs spilled their cliental onto the city streets. Which is encouraging, right? More and more people are finding their D-Spot.

Jason Kidd Arrested for DWI: The former Maverick, current Knick ran his car into a telephone pole in Southampton Sunday. He was arrested and released without bail. The charge could carry up to a year in jail, but something tells me that’s not going to happen.


  • AK

    DPD took civilians on a high speed chase? Surely that breaks the strict high-speed chase rules…

  • @AK: no, according to the report, the squad car with the civilians followed behind a number of other pursuing vehicles at a ‘safer speed’

  • john

    And now begins the slow decline of Downtown Dallas. Same thing happened in Deep Ellum and look at it now, a shell of its former self. We will look back on this period and wonder why no one was holding the club owners in Downtown Dallas accountable for the type of people that they attracted.

  • justin

    you cant have it both ways

    you cant be for welfare and free housing etc etc etc and no border security and watered down charges with violent offenders and juvies getting limited time in prison when committing adult crimes and the tearing apart of good values and then moan and complain

    when YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS OR YOUR FAMILY IS GUNNED DOWN BY offenders who are known to the authorities but finding sympathy from the bleeding hearts