KTXD Launches The Texas Daily News Program With Jeff Brady

If you dig I Love Lucy, My Three Sons, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Love, American Style, then you’re probably familiar with KTXD. It’s a locally owned station that broadcasts the Me-TV network over the air on Channel 47 (and a whole bunch of other different channels on the various cable providers). Ed Bark can break it down for you, if you want to catch up.

Now comes word that KTXD will begin airing a news program in September called The Texas Daily. Former Channel 8 anchorman Jeff Brady will run the show, with an impressive list of promised contributors: Tracy Rowlett, Rebecca Rodriguez, Troy Dungan, Jolene DeVito, Scott Murray, Gary Cogill, John Criswell, Robert Riggs, Midge Hill, Phyllis Watson, Suzie Humphreys, and John Sparks.

What? No Scott Sams? No zombie corpse of Harold Taft?

Anyway, the full release, for those who need full release:

The Texas Daily


The Texas Daily will be KTXD and London Broadcasting Company’s first news project in the Dallas — Ft. Worth market. Set to launch in September, 2012, this unique news offering has been in the planning stages for years in a lot of people’s minds. KTXD….Texas Born, Texas Proud, We are Texas….. will be the first to make it a reality.

Sometimes called Boomers, the 40+ television audience has been overlooked and taken for granted for many years….. the very people who still watch over the air free broadcast television. Beginning in September, not any more…. the Texas Daily begins an hour of news and commentary 5 days a week in the morning beginning at 8 am. The show is affiliated with CNN, but the news will only include what is relevant to Dallas — Ft. Worth and Texas.

It will include the day’s weather forecast, providing only the relevant info… is it going to rain and what is the temperature? The Sports segment will also be short… who won and lost the night before…News segments focus on today’s news from DFW, Texas, and the rest of the world, but only if it has an effect on viewers here in Dallas — Ft. Worth and the surrounding counties here in Texas.

To compliment the news as a prime focal point of the show, each day the show highlights two pundits both having the credentials and experience as veteran, but retired, on-air DFW anchors with one very important new ingredient. Each pundit will tell you what he or she thinks about the news of the day, how an issue effects the viewer, and something new to an anchor…. an opinion on the affairs of the city, state, nation, or world.

Joining the show as the primary anchor is Jeff Brady, formerly of WFAA, channel 8. Jeff brings years of experience and is a long-term resident of DFW. Also agreeing to be a key part of the program as pundits are the following:

Tracy Rowlett Rebecca Rodriguez

Troy Dungan Jolene DeVito

Scott Murray Gary Cogill

John Criswell Robert Riggs

Midge Hill Phyllis Watson

Suzie Humphreys John Sparks

The show will give the viewer the ability to talk back to the show thru social media and to really feel a part of the discussion of the day. This will be the first DFW newscast that will focus on news that is concentrated on the vast audience of baby boomers who have been overlooked or ignored by traditional newscast of the day. The Texas Daily won’t be chasing ambulances, heading to court for the latest murder trial, covering the car wrecks, and under no circumstance will we be doing an “we’re live” shots outside — just because it has started to rain! Rather, The Texas Daily will give our viewers news they can use, and hopefully take something away from our reports. Come join us for the Daily, a different kind of news, from the names of the many anchors and reporters DFW has trusted for over 35 years. Who knows… the younger internet demo may tune in!!!


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