Museum Tower to File Lawsuit Against the Nasher?, Ctd

My favorite line from the letter of Gary B. Lawson, Esq., of Strasburger & Price, LLP to the Morning News:

Without laws there would be lawlessness.

I know what you’re thinking. No, Mr. Lawson is not a first-year associate. He is a partner. He graduated from law school at St. John’s University in 1970.


  • Laws, like the spider’s web, catch the fly and let the hawk go free.
    Spanish Proverb

  • Albert

    More laws leads to more lawlessness, and greater profit.

    — Ancient lawyer proverb.

  • DGirl

    He only wrote that because his surname is Lawson and he wanted to be punny and deep.

  • Critic

    Good luck seating jurors in Dallas
    No trial will ever occur in The DFW area
    How soon will the tower become the Dallas Police and Firemens new city headquarters ?

  • marisa

    Least we remember which building was built first. This seems like a no brainer……the tower needs to do the right thing and stop using tax payer dollars for urber lawyers that will drag this into courts costing more than it will cost to fix the glare. Not to mention who would want to live in a building that is destroying The Nasher?

  • Jackson

    As Tim Rogers notes prior, barrister Lawson’s letter to the DMN is extraneously wordy and has grammar issues, not to mention delving into questions of journalistic ethics when his CV shows no history but for the rare law review article. Perhaps he covered sports for The Knight News during his undergrad years at Queens College in the early to mid 60s.

    I assume the guy knows his way around pension funds and the rules of procedure at the local courthouse, but if I was engaging on such a high profile issue with folks who buy ink by the barrel, I’d have called for rewrite to take a look at what I was sending out.

  • Without heat rays, there would be heat-ray-lessness.

  • brett

    just because you’re there first doesn’t necessarily mean you have rights superior to subsequent builders. But in this case, the Museum Tower looks worse and worse the longer this lasts.

  • Spartacus

    As a former Strasburger lawyer, I’m distressed. I don’t know that Henry Strasburger or Hobart Price would have approved of the grammar in his letter.

    It is interesting that within the same week, you have Lawson’s missive (which comes across as very unfriendly to the beloved-to-the-community Nasher), and Schutze’s article ( about White Rock Lake, including his conversation with frequent counsel to community groups, Michael Jung, another (and more indicative of the breed) Strasburger lawyer. Mike’s a great guy–wish he were involved.

  • tom

    To recap, Museum Tower was built to a large degree to take advantage of being close to the museums, notably the Nasher. I seem to remember early marketing efforts showing views of the Nasher from the Tower. Using highly refractive windows, the Tower is now to some degree destroying the Nasher’s ambiance. And of course, now the Tower’s are threatening to sue the Nasher because of the bad publicity being garnered hurting sales of units. Can you say, “Theater of the Absurd…….”

    Wonder if any of the x-rays from the Tower of Doom will hit any of the deck park??????? If not, maybe they can angle some rays in that direction so they can sue the city as well?

  • amanda

    y’all see a problem.

    I see an oppurtinification. I am so having my child submit her aplicicamification to St. Johns.