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Perfect Resolution Proposed for Dallas Mayor Race


Three things have become clear about the Dallas mayoral runoff between Mike Rawlings and David Kunkle. 1.) It’s turned into a virtual love-fest, so the basic dynamics are unlikely to change between now and June 18. 2.) Rawlings, the Dallas super-salesman with the big war chest, had a solid lead in the first go-round–and since has picked up Ron Natinsky’s endorsement. 3.) Kunkle, the former deputy city manager in Arlington, has emerged in the campaign as an uncharismatic but methodically accomplished sort–and a guy who wants a job again.

So, here’s the perfect resolution for Dallas. First, Kunkle withdraws from the race. Then, Rawlings announces that the ex-police chief will become Dallas’ next city manager succeeding Mary Suhm, who’s had a good run but is due for an exit from Marilla Street. (I know, it’s technically the city council that appoints the manager, but we all know Rawlings is a guy who “gets things done.”) The upshot of the plan: Rawlings-Kunkle makes a good team at City Hall. Everybody saves their campaign dough. We stop having to sit through or read about any more snooze-fest debate forums at the East Dallas Chicken-raisers Club. Everybody chills out and enjoys Memorial Day weekend.