Mission Accomplished! The Tom Leppert Story, As Told to Zac Crain, Foreword by Gary Sinise

Apparently, the erstwhile Mayor of Handtown is now all like, “It’s cool, whatever, bro” on his quitting his job early to apply for another one. Why? Because he’s already “completed” NAY “exceeded” all of the “specific objectives and priorities” he’d laid out. And you know what? He’s right. At least he appears to be, based on a note we retrieved from an open records request we filed recently — on a hunch — looking into his first few months in office. A copy is available after the jump.



  • Wes Mantooth


  • amanda

    That actually made me spray a beverage out of my nose.

    Can you just hug it out with Chris H?

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    Bruce McGill reference!

  • F. Chomsky

    Late to the party; but Zac, I commend you. A lot. Gigglez.