Leading Off (11/18/10): Fun With Adjectives Edition

1. After reading this story and before watching the video, I began ranting about how people need to stop threatening lawsuits to the police department for doing its job. If you lead cops on a seven-mile chase, then I think you can expect to be apprehended once you stop. So I was having a hard time being sympathetic. Then I watched the video. Excessive may just be the appropriate adjective to describe the force used to get the man off his motorcycle.

2. I love animals. Whether it be a grasshopper (I had one as a pet. His name was brownie.) or a pot-bellied pig (Again, had one as a pet. She slept in my bed and was litter-box trained.), I love them all. But I have a particular affinity to the Spitz family dogs. So when I hear a story about a sweet, blue-eyed, white Husky being deemed dangerous because she chased a duck into a pond and because her owners don’t hit deadlines, it really bothers me. I say we start a Save Sasha campaign and help her get rid of that pesky dangerous adjective.

3 Sean Fitzgerald waited three days to get the winning shot of two coyotes howling at him while snow fell in Dallas. Several adjectives to describe his resulting photo: breathtaking, gorgeous, beauteous, and cute (look at those little faces!).


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  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Re: #1

    A) If you’re 26 and mommy and daddy are still coming to your rescue, there’s a problem.
    B) “Austin Guess (had) three previous arrests for speeding, driving without a license and insurance and a previous arrest for attempting to evade police.”

    So, maybe it’s possible that, after stopping, he would’ve taken off again after he saw the cops had gotten out of their cars? We might never know, but tackling someone with a history of evading police, especially after he’s just refused to pull over for seven miles, isn’t excessive IMHO.


  • Obama’s Seat

    The cop probably sustained more injuries than the biker. Adrenalin Gone Wild.

  • CraigT

    These idiot bikers commonly slow down and wait for officers to exit the car or put it in park before running again. this allows them to use incredible acceleration the bikes are capable of to further out run the cops. So when the 26 year old momma’s boy failed to shut off the engine or even remove his hands from the throttle he got exactly what he was asking for.

    Let’s also remember all the lives he endangered by choosing to run from the cops.

    I also love how daddy says he is not making any excuses for his son, but then proceeds to make one. I have several bi-polar friends and couple of family members. none of them have ever been involved in a high speed police chase.

  • Jay

    He got what he deserved. The officer must have guess-ed he’d bolt again and to evasive action! Why can’t him being bi-polar keep him from operating a vehicle if it is an excuse for his erratic behavior? A pity the officer wasn’t more graceful in his snatch-and-grab. That was more ridiculous.

  • Uppercase Matt

    And I love Dad’s thought that the cops should have just given him orders at gunpoint — that doesn’t stop him from taking off again, unless Dad thinks it would be reasonable to shoot the kid when he does.

  • I am Spartacus

    The biker didn’t take his hands off the controls. He’d endangered lives–including those of the officers–in his lengthy attempts at evasion. It’s too bad the officer didn’t have a better form tackle.

  • Jef

    In honor of your pig, I give you “Baby Monkey (Riding Backwards on a Pig).” Volume up. Enjoy.

  • Kris

    Krista, I have to agree with all the other commenters here. IMHO it was not excessive enough.

  • gwyon

    Rick Perry would have bravely shot those coyotes in their cute little faces.

  • Zach B

    Favorite line of the story = “Guess said he doesn’t make any excuses for his son’s behavior. He said his son is bipolar, which sometimes leads him to making bad choices.”

  • mako

    It is Sean, not Scott Fitzgerald. But thanks for the link to a great photo!