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The Ticket’s Gordon Keith, KERA’s Krys Boyd, NBC5’s Lindsay Wilcox, and ESPN Radio’s Ben and Skin Join D’s Words With Friends Tournament

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wwf_article2We print journalists, whose fortunes seem tied to the future (or lack thereof) of reading, often envy our more celebrated brethren in the glamorous worlds of radio and television. That’s why we’ve invited a number of them into our Words With Friends tournament, and we’re going to give some of you the opportunity to put these divas in their place:

  • Media triple-threat Gordon Keith is best known for appearing on the Ticket. He writes a column in Quick and used to have a regular TV gig. Also, Tim resents Gordo’s fame because he just doesn’t think the guy is funny.
  • Krys Boyd of KERA is the best interviewer who’s ever had the privilege of interviewing me on the radio. During my recent conversation on her show, Think, I decided she has a better job than I do. So yeah, there’s some resentment there.
  • Lindsay Wilcox of NBC 5 is on TV, and she graduated from college summa cum laude, which means she’s better-looking and smarter than us. She’s got to be taken down a peg, no?
  • And as for Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade of the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 FM — well, they’re probably asking for it too.

See how these and other players fare starting June 1.