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Leading Off (1/28/10)


1. You know what’s not cool? Stealing $1,900 from a t-shirt fundraiser. That’s what Sandra Kellum is accused of doing to the students at Lee McShan Elementary School. But, I kind of feel bad for Kellum. She’s a single mother of three who was behind on her bills. I’m not saying stealing is the best way to go about things, but a small part of me feels bad for her. (Watch the video. I especially like the B roll at 1:11. It adds so much to the story.)

2. I just don’t get why everyone thinks hazing is so awful. It unites terrified, young freshmen who are just searching for a way to fit in and make friends. It creates a bond among the older students. Those who participate in hazing have lasting memories (and in some cases, lasting marks on the body). What’s better than getting those pictures developed the next week and then having a crop night to scrapbook the occasion? But not everyone agrees with me, especially not TCU student Amon Carter IV.

3. I so wish I could sing. Not because I want the big bucks, the best personal trainers the world has to offer, and adoring fans. But because at the Dallas auditions of American Idol, I could’ve met legen–wait for it–dary Neil Patrick Harris (if at least two of you got that, I’m happy). He was quite the amazing judge. Our boy, Joe Jonas, however, did not shine so well–I’m sure that’s just a result of the editing. Anyway, 31 people advance from the Dallas round to Hollywood.