Local Talks About Being in First Production at Wyly

Our friends at Oak Cliff People have a wonderful story about Cedric Neal, one of the cast members of  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It begins tomorrow at the Wyly. The cast is made of locals, who are more than elated to be in the first production at the new theater. Judging from the story, Neal is quite a character. I especially liked his quote about how great the theater is.

“Now here comes the Oak Cliff in me,” Neal said. “It’s the bomb. It is a thing of beauty, and I just don’t know what angels and spirits were so kind to me that I get to be part of this first show in this wonderful new building.”

If you want tickets, go here. But be forewarned: at some point, fairies will be fighting with Nerf balls.


  • Daniel

    That’s safe and wholesome fun, as long as they don’t wink at any Fort Worth police officers.