Leading Off (12/11/08)

1. DISD trustee Ron Price called a news conference yesterday to say he has “no confidence” in the district’s current administration. Also yesterday: Price withdrew his request for the school board to hold a vote of confidence in Superintendent Mike Hinojosa. All of which sets the stage for Hinojosa’s annual evaluation today. “It will not be a kind evaluation,” Price says. Trying to beat him out for understatement of the day, trustee Jerome Garza added, “Given the financial situation in the district, there’s going to be a lot to discuss.” Oh, you think so, doctor?

2. Though it was overshadowed by a thing or two, yesterday the city council voted in favor of changing the name of Yale Boulevard to SMU Boulevard. I hope you’ll join me in saying: how dare they. Now I’m going to totally confuse people when I give them directions to Barley House or — hmm, I guess that’s it. As you were.

3. A North Carolina Internet concern bought the domain name GeorgeWBushLibrary.com for $10 — then sold it back to the library’s web team for $35,000. The name of the company that pulled off that gambit? Illuminati Karate, which I’m sure is currently making Eric Celeste’s potential band/fantasy football team name pants go crazy. When I attempted to reach the IK gang for comment, they sent me this link to a Slam piece about ex-Maverick Sam Cassell. Not sure why.


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32 responses to “Leading Off (12/11/08)”

  1. Peterk says:

    with the regards to the Bush Library piece that sounds like cybersquatting to me


  2. JS says:

    SMU: The Yale of Texas

  3. Don in Austin says:

    UT: The ale of Texas.

  4. Yeah, right says:

    So Price had confidence in Hinojosa on Monday?

  5. Daniel says:

    It is kind of like Yale, without the exacting standards, worldwide reputation, intellectual authority, abiding prestige or august campus. Other than that: identical.

  6. S.E. says:

    @Peterk – That was definitely cybersquatting. We had to sic our lawyers on a squatter in the UK, and WIPO awarded the domain back to us due to trademark concerns. Maybe Shrub’s web team needs someone who knows a little more about this kind of thing – y’all just give me a call.

    After looking at the Illuminati Karate site, I’m guessing they’re not much of a firm, and that $35k ransom will probably be their biggest and last fee.

  7. Josh Pearson says:

    My favorite line from their site:

    “Whether your purpose is to bring the news, the noise, or the revolution, we deliver a custom hybrid of powerful backend software to do the dirty work and slick design to make it look seamless.”

  8. Bethany says:

    Is Frontburner’s purpose to bring the news, the noise or the revolution?

  9. Frontburner says:

    @ Bethany: Yes. Yes it is.

  10. DKC says:

    If Ron Price would tone down his dressing habits he may be taken a bit more seriously I would think

  11. WillDallas says:

    I’m havign trouble with all this SMU hate. Facei t people, it is the premier university in this city and as a graduate, I’m proud of my degree and my university. I like manyo ther students worked full time and got through school on student loans. SMU is a good school and the stereotypes aren’t ALWAYS true. SMU consistently ranks well in college rankings and provides a good education, I graduated from SMU a year ago and make $50k a year. Seems to have paid off.

  12. amanda says:

    B, you gonna touch that, or you want me to do it?

  13. Bethany says:

    Here, darling. My U of Ark education will help you just this once, bless your pea-pickin’ heart.

    I’m having trouble with all this SMU hate. Face it people, it is the premier university in this city and, as a graduate, I’m proud of my degree (not in English) and my university. I – like many of its students – worked full time and got through school on student loans. SMU is a good school and the stereotypes aren’t ALWAYS true. SMU consistently ranks well in college rankings and provides a good education. I graduated from SMU (not with an English degree) and make $50,000 a year. It seems to have paid off.

  14. WillDallas says:

    Apologize for the typos…

    Actually Bethany, my degree was in journalism… about as useless as an English degree.

  15. Bethany says:

    As was mine, young Will. And it’s a little more useful than you’d think.

  16. amanda says:

    I thought we didn’t allow blogging from SMU grads under 100K.

  17. WillDallas says:

    nice, amanda.

    Bethany, just checked out your blog message to aspiring journalists. Very good, I enjoyed reading it. You’re right… time to think small. I just lost my opassion.

  18. Tom says:

    Did an opossum take your opassion?

  19. Bethany says:

    Thanks, Will. It’s easy to look at the current climate and think there’s nothing there for you – but like I said, I think the world will always need its storytellers, and newsgatherers.

  20. WillDallas says:

    Cheers Bethany! I don’t know what I would do without my storytellers.

    Thanks Tom… actually he did!

  21. JS says:

    Will, you should find that opossum before animal control gets it. Rumor has it that you can’t get any pets back without taking a baseball bat to the facility.

  22. CBS says:

    @WillDallas: I am not certain about your opassion, but you definitely lost your spellcheck (and yes, it is a very petty thing).

  23. brett says:

    @ Bethany:

    Frontburner’s purpose is to bring the funk. lots and lots of funk.

  24. Bethany says:

    opassion: A love of Obama that is so intense, it makes you cry.

    Jesse Jackson became so overwhelmed with opassion on election night that he cried on TV – like a woman.

  25. Bethany says:

    I smell that, brett.

  26. LakeWWWooder says:

    Try being a graduate of a DISD high school and SMU. Retorts are now my specialty.

  27. For the record... says:

    Good on ya this morning, Bethany, you must have had an extra cuppa.

  28. El Rey says:

    @ WillDallas:
    I graduated from UT Arlington without student loans and make more than $50k. I think you bought some quality ‘edumacashun’ at the ‘Yale on the Trinity’.

  29. Jules says:

    $50,000 is entry level salary for a good secretary.

  30. MIssing Dots says:

    @ Jules:
    Is that for full service? Tip included?

  31. WillDallas says:

    If that’s true then why are students with liberal arts degrees finding it so hard to get employment at all? It’s not the salary folks, it’s the plain security of having a job at all post-college.

  32. Bethany says:

    I think that’s plain old Econ 101. Fewer jobs means that you have to stand out that much more. Just a degree is no longer a guarantee of immediate entry into the career field of your choosing.