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18 responses to “Go To Austin College And See The World”

  1. Bethany says:

    That’s because it’s in Sherman. I can say with a fair amount of authority that if I were in Sherman for college, I’d look for any way to get away, too.

    Big source of pride? “The Target,” Texas Roadhouse, Cheddar’s, and Kohl’s.

  2. Daniel says:

    It’s also because several of their degree programs require it.

  3. Jeff Duffey says:

    I graduated from Austin College back in 2000 and can’t speak highly enough about the school.

    They have what’s called “Jan Term” where students only have 1 class for the entire month of January. Usually for a couple hours then your free the rest of the day. Most students use Jan Term to travel abroad since being away for a semester might not be for every student.

    Almost all of my college friends traveled during Jan Term to places like Japan, Germany, Prague and Australia.

    I traveled to Argentina and my class was called “Sociolinguistics of Argentina”. So we drank $1.42 wine and listened to people talk. We also checked out the sea lions and penguins in Patagonia. One of the best experiences of my life.

  4. Don't live in Sherman, but still... says:

    Bethany – Not every university can be situated in a major city like SMU or UT are. You just have to deal with your surroundings…Sherman is not the type of town that could keep high-end dining and retail in business. AC students are worried about their high-end educations instead, not how to get on the list at PM.

  5. High end isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking culture.

    I’ve lived in a town about the same size as Sherman, with a university – it managed to have just about everything Dallas offers.

  6. Bethany says:

    BTW, I’d like to say I liked “Hello World!” better than what I’m getting now: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_unregister_globals() (previously declared in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\dhomeblog\wp-settings.php:27) in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\dhomeblog\wp-settings.php on line 42

    I have to keep hitting refresh to get the real page.

  7. I’m gonna stick up for Bethany here. I’m from Denison (Sherman’s next door neighbor) and she’s right. I couldn’t wait to turn 18 and get the heck out of there. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to go to school in a town that didn’t even HAVE a Target until about 4 years ago. Shudder. The only culture there is the movie-plex. Of course, if you want to be a big fish in a little-itty-bitty pond – then Austin College would be perfect for you!

  8. Don in Austin says:

    Culture? Heck, Oklahoma is just a few minutes away. Of the private small colleges in Texas it would seem that many have the smallish town in common. Southwestern in Georgetown, Trinity Lutheran in Seguin, Mary Hardin Baylor in Temple, Howard Payne in Brownwood, etc. Heck, McMurry and Hardin Simmons in Abilene have it pretty good. If you’re going to feel sorry for someone though, pity the students living in Waco.

  9. College Bound says:

    You go+ to Austin College for the education, not for whether the host community has a Target or a Neiman’s or a Nordie’s. Some of the great liberals arts colleges in this country are a lot farther away from metro areas than AC is from Dallas: Whitman in Walla Walla; Beloit in Beloit, Wisconsin; Carlton and St. Olaf’s; Grinnell; Bennington — the list goes on and includes Cornell and Dartmouth. I am teaching a class of more than 150 at one of the premier state universities in which I require a short research paper, but too few of my students know what a research paper is. I wrote several every semester I was at AC. There’s a reason Loren Pope included it among his 40 Colleges That Change Lives. And it has nothing to do with Target.

  10. Jeff Duffey says:

    I recommend an evening at Cellarman’s and then head to La Mesa the next day for some good Mexican hangover food. Not that I drank alcohol in college.

  11. daisy says:

    Austin College was the best decision I ever made. From the education to the relationships that thrive to this day – that decision has had the overall greatest impact on my life and my success. PS….went to grad school at SMU and except for 10 years of debt – it has nothing on AC.

  12. Brent D. says:

    I know more than a few folks from AC that are pretty successful.

  13. JEJohnson says:

    Southwestern Univ. graduates find that Austin College graduates seem to be better employees than Aggies.

  14. Coillege Bound says:

    Southwestern? Is that the school from Memphis that sold itself to the higher bidder or the one that claims heritage to three broken-down, defunct Methodist colleges? Austin College is the oldest continuously operating college in Texas.

  15. roos says:

    as an alumna, it’s great to see this story come out. it’s a great school for so many reasons, but….. i totally didn’t go abroad…i’m too busy paying back 80 grand to my alma mater.

  16. LOC says:

    Maybe an option for all those 11%’ers out there not able to get in to UT next year . . . . . .

  17. Paul says:

    In case anyone stumbles upon this blog while researching Austin College as a potential school I urge them to visit Trinity University in San Antonio, the reasons are:

    I went to AC for a year and maximized my time by 1) getting extra credit while living in a language house (house near campus where you speak a language while inside of it, just a nicer living arrangement plus free credit) 2) Participating in the National Modul UN program, apparently AC is one of the best schools in the nation at teaching students to be fake diplomats and 3) going abroad during the January semester (so many people go abroad because January is a one class semester with many cool programs to go abroad).
    That was long winded, but I think it details the best programs at AC, besides the well regarded pre-med program.
    So, I then visited Trinity University in San Antonio and attended TU for my remaining years. I found the faculty to be slightly better, the facilities incredible, plus the students much more diverse i.e. more international students and alot more students from both coasts. The pre-med program was on par with AC and the business program was alot better, as was the engineering program. I do not know the quality of the other programs.
    Trinity is not a party school, but San Antonio offers enough distractions and if you have friends at UT in Austin you can go there and party on the weekends.
    Trinity is price competitive with AC and offers many scholarships.

  18. I came from the extra rib says:

    Nex time you have to go to your doc because of the rash “down below” which hasn’t cleared up, be sure to ask them if they went to pre-med at AC. You might be surprised at the number who say yes! AC, helping to keep the metroplex healthy! Go Roos.