Murdering Trees Always Makes Me Mad

I should have spoken out earlier–I drive past the grove of trees, formerly known as bald cypress, near the intersection of Woodall Rogers and Central every Friday and Sunday. Over the last six months I have watched them die a very slow death. Thanks to Dan X. “Quick Draw” McGraw for doing all of the research and pointing it out today in the DMN. (This is why we need newspapers.) The 1,100 trees were planted four years ago and nobody bothered to water them. I can’t wait for the trillions of people who plan to visit the Tut exhibit this fall to see them. Hello, TxDot and Texas Trees Foundation? How did this happen? I’m siccing Nikki and Don Henley on you. Then I will put some more hydrocortisone on my new tattoo.


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10 responses to “Murdering Trees Always Makes Me Mad”

  1. Spamboy says:

    They tried to water them, but Cedar Hill’s new emergency radio broadcasts turned off the sprinklers.

  2. gs1s says:

    Sounds like the work of the new police scanner system in Duncanville.

  3. gs1s says:

    What he said.

  4. jrp says:

    nice tramp stump? nah, that don’t work

    and if only Dallas’ climate wasn’t Saharan maybe the trees woulda had a chance, as Lord knows we can’t expect a govt. entity to understand the need to water plants every once in a while or they’ll die

    just imagine what the “park” over Woodall Rogers will look like

    and as i’ve said before downtown is dead, man, lifeless

  5. Nancy Nichols says:

    Thankfully they don’t have to water the Trinity Forest. (Yet.)

  6. publicnewsense says:

    That looks like a great place to build 700 home for homeless people….

  7. NC says:

    I love how dallas has been sadly attempting to promote their green site ( and then they let this happen. Great spending of dollars. I don’t think this is what City of Dallas Water Utilities was thinking when they started their WaterWise Garden Program (

  8. umm yeah says:

    kinda funny to complain about trees dying and then state “this is why we need newspapers”

  9. confused says:

    If Dallas is just too hot for the trees- who was in charge of researching the most practical trees for this area? Ugh. Fire them.

  10. Bradley says:

    Bald Cypresses do great in Dallas if they are properly watered in their adolescent stages. Let’s not forget to mention all the dying trees that were planted paralled to Central Expressway. Good job City of Dallas! 😉