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Leading Off (7/29/08)


1. The Collin County tax rate roll rose more than 4 percent, and some cities, like Prosper (31.7 percent), saw huge growth. Even though the pace of growth in Frisco and nearby areas slowed, the city still saw a 9.2 percent increase in revenue, due mostly to the amount of tax money I spend during my all-night dance fests at Martini Park. (I know, technically it’s in Plano, but work with me here, people.)

2. The last Dallas police officer from the JFK era retired on Monday. He’s 67, his nickname is “Greyhound,” and, if you check the picture on the link, you’ll see that he has more hair than Tim.

3. It hit 105 degrees yesterday, but a massive cool front should keep temps to 102 today. I will be checking Mediabistro.com for jobs in Canada today, so please don’t bug me.

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