Wick Allison Is Outed in the The New Republic

Actually, Wick outed himself — as an Obamacon — in the Morning News awhile back. But now Wick’s support of Obama is cited as evidence of how substantial the “Obamacon phenomenon” is. If Wick ever returns from his three-month fishing trip, maybe we can ask him about it.


  • Obama Girl

    Are you sure Wick is just fishing? He could be secretly working for the Obama campaign.

  • Dallasite

    Somebody in the media is a liberal Democrat? You’re kidding, right?

  • Shane P

    Wick, I hope you like paying higher taxes. You might as well bend over and grab your ankles.

  • Tim

    Because we all know those Clinton years were oh so tax oppressive.

  • Barbara

    Maybe he is visiting one of those 8 extra states B.H.Obama believes exist.

  • Shane P

    Tim, thankfully we had a Republican controlled Congress under Clinton. He had no chance of raising taxes!

  • Arec Barrwin

    Wick’s always been a sucker for vacuous opportunists and good performers with an ear for how to make white liberals like them.

  • Rawlins

    Boy are there some revisionist history (and sour grape bad sports) missing the real irony here.

    I have watched and read Wick Allison for 1/3 a century. And if anyone every told me that Wick Allison would vote for…let alone support…a Democrat, I would have said, “Sure. And Rod Dreher is not only sending his kids to Woodrow, he’s dating Sandra Crenshaw.”

    The times in which we are living appear to say: The post Bush fallout is not unlike toxic mushroom clouds following atomic bomb blasts.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot WICK a CONgratulatory email. Rod Davis is smiling somehwere in Montgomery and Tall Paul in Boston. (Not so much Trey buy hey)

  • julie

    Bush: death, war, $4/gallon gas, lies, recession, more war, treason (naming CIA agent), Blackwater, Abu Ghraib, yawn…


  • Rawlins

    Shane…ugh…why would…ugh…President Clinton have raised taxes when he in fact was running in the black and handed President Bush the largest treasury surpluss in the nation’s history. Like our new deficit is the largest in history. Far larger than the one Reagan left Bush Sr.

    According to former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan in his book, Clinton was a ‘better Repubican than President Bush’. His words, not mine mind you.

  • Patrick

    Julie, you’ve been watching too much CNN! Just like a liberal to blame everything on the President. You want cheaper gas, tell the liberal Congress to let us drill in Alaska and off the coast of Florida. And BTW, we’re not in a recession (check your facts).

  • Rawlins Nichol Plated

    Patrick, in all respect, the congress was GOP lead for 5 years and the Anwar drilling was nixed, in no small part because its reserves are deemed marginal in context.

    Meanwhile, it’s telling that of all Julie’s listed Bush era litany, you seized to debunk only two. As for recession…in my life time I have watched the American letters go from once splitting atoms to now splitting hairs. I know, I know. “The Titanic didn’t sink. It just no longer floated the way people were used to.”

    Being a Centrist swing voter these days is like getting dizzy going backwards.

  • julie

    Patrick, you want war?
    Where to send your check?
    It’s called the IRS.