Glenn Hunter’s Bob Lutz Quote Makes FrontBurner Quasi-Famous

A couple of weeks ago, Glenn posted a recap of his private-ish lunch with GM heavy Bob Lutz. Maybe it was because Glenn posted late in the day. Maybe it’s because Glenn put the good stuff after the jump. For whatever reason, it took a while before Lutz’s claim that “global warning is a total crock of ****” to make its way around the blogosphere. But, boy, has it traveled. Jalopnik picked it up. And Popular Science. And Wired. And AOL leads with it today (linking to this story). Not to mention scores of other forums and car blogs. Way to go, Glenn. You’re all big-time, now.


  • JB

    Blasphemer!!! Gore-quemada will certainly make him repent and confess and brand Mr. Lutz the heretic he is. Nobody should ever deny the divine right of Global Warming!!!

  • Cynthia

    Go, Glenn! Go!

  • Trey Garrison

    Funny thing is, Lutz is right.