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You Want Kuluntu Bakery’s Winsome Pies

Free-form galettes have a special charm.
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Among all the pies, this is the one I want. A rustic, pear-almond-rooibos beauty in the galette style—free-form and lovely. Slivers of pear join with almonds and the soft, warm insinuations of rooibos tea.

Kuluntu Bakery’s Stephanie Leichtle-Chalklen is one of the bread-smiths I wrote about in the March issue of the magazine, turning bread into bliss and art. This year, she’s baking pies. The beauty I can’t stop dreaming about is joined by options for salted caramel-apple or sweet potato-pecan. We don’t have many fruit options. These are laced with homespun charm.

Today is the last day to preorder for a pick-up next week. Details can be found here. And if you miss out on the pies, it’s worth following Kuluntu for Leichtle-Chalklen’s pick-up sourdough bread, which is beautifully scored and often bears notes from her ties to South Africa.

By Stephanie Leichtle-Chalklen.

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