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Jettison Hosts Japanese Tasting Dinner Featuring Shochu

Last chance for tickets.

Today is the cut-off to get tickets to tomorrow’s pop-up dinner at Jettison that features the popular spirit shochu paired with four courses inspired from Japan’s shochu region.

Shochu is originally from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, a spirit distilled from sweet potato, barley, rice, or buckwheat. It’s reached hyper-popular status in Japan in recent years, turned into “chuhai,” shochu highballs mixed with soda water and flavorings. The meal at Jettison will feature shochus from leading brand Shiranami, beginning with light bites and a welcome cocktail followed by a four-course pairing menu in which each course will be paired with a different style of shochu. Try it on the rocks; with ume, salted plum; as a cocktail. Shiranami’s founder will be present for those who want to know more about the spirit and the region.

It’s also the first chance we’ll have to try food by Y’s Catering. (Nancy wrote about their company’s debut in July). Yosuke Fukuda (former bar manager and general manager at Tei-An) and Hiroshi Suzuki (former head sushi chef at Tei-Tei Robata, who currently oversees the First Class program for Japan Airlines) paired up this year to form their own high-end catering company. Given their culinary cred, I was curious to know what the results would be. Here’s your chance to sample.

Tickets are $70 and available here.


From the press release:


Japanese spirit tasting dinner



Tuesday, September 26

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.




(Adjacent to Houndstooth Coffee)

1878 Sylvan Avenue E150

Dallas, TX 75208



Tickets for the special dinner are $70 and are available for purchase online until Monday, September 25.


Trio of Atè (small bites)

Chikuzen-Ni (braised Chicken), Marinated Okra with Mentaiko (Spicy Cod roe), Satsuma-Age (fried fish cake)

Shochu: Sakura Shiranami on the rocks

Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly) with Mustard
Shochu: Kuro Shiranami Ume wari (On the rocks with Ume plum)

Duo of Musubi (flavored rice balls)

Shochu: Shiranami Oyu wari (Hot water)

Matcha Creme Brûlée
Shochu: Cocktail with Shiranami Genshu






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