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Taste Test Thursday: Cold Delivery Pizza

Because sometimes there's nothing better than chilled pizza in the morning.

In honor of our breakfast issue, a handful of D Magazine staff members tasted day-old, refrigerated delivery cheese pizza. You know, because sometimes there’s nothing better than cold pizza in the morning.

Here’s what they had to say.

The pizza:

A. Stonedeck Pizza Pub
B. Zalat
C. i Fratelli
D. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company
E. Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta

Tasting notes:

Stonedeck Pizza Pub

  • So soft. It almost dissolves. Can see this being magnificent during an early morning hangover.
  • Yum! The cold sauce is still tasty. I would definitely eat a slice or two before work.
  • Just enough sauce to add a tartness to the cold cheese. Would eat for breakfast.
  • OK. Seems to have lost some flavor. Crust is hard. Eh.
  • Like the flavor on this one. It’s good cold!
  • Crust stayed surprisingly crispy, considering. Helps that it was a little on the burnt side, which I like.
  • Tastes like those Lunchable pizzas added with a weird marinara aftertaste. The crust is super soft, too.
  • You can really taste the blending of cheeses. Not enough sauce for my liking, which makes it kind of dry.
  • Lots of sauce, which makes this one colder than the others.


  • The taste did not endure the refrigeration well.
  • Meh, cheese bread.
  • This tastes like nothing.
  • Love the cheese flavor, and the pizza is still somewhat soft. Yummy goodness.
  • Dough doesn’t hold up. It’s gotten pretty soggy.
  • Not enough sauce and the crust is really soggy. Bet this wasn’t even that good hot.
  • Can’t taste the sauce at all. I feel like I’m eating a block of cheese on a stale cracker.
  • I like the crust’s soft texture. Not gonna lie: I could see myself having a folded slice in one hand and my coffee in the other, all while rushing out the door.
  • This one is really dense. Not enough sauce.

i Fratelli

  • Still has some potency. A survivor pizza. Delicious.
  • I feel like the dough got floury or something.
  • I like the way the crust solidified, and the heavy oregano helps provide the flavor that the fridge took away.
  • Still has good flavor. Too dry, though.
  • Still pretty crispy! Would eat this anytime, anywhere.
  • Holds up well cold because of the abundant spices used.
  • The color and look kind of threw me off. I think it’s because of the herbs, but it gives the pizza this greenish aura. Taste-wise, this is probably my favorite. Herby and flavorful. I can definitely taste the sauce in this.
  • This is the best, hands down. The seasoning is still strong a day later. Perhaps, it’s even better. The sauce has settled perfectly into the thin, expertly crafted crust.
  • This one is harder and chewier. Would hurt my jaw if I ate a lot of it.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

  • I think I know this pizza, and it is good pizza. It is not good cold pizza.
  • The crust on this is a little burnt, which I normally like, but it’s all I can taste since the pizza is cold.
  • This is nice and tomatoey. The crust is meh, but the flavor is there.
  • Sort of bland. Cheese kind of rubbery. Bad consistency.
  • Holds up well for a round pizza. I think because it’s thin crust.
  • This one has a nice flavor even though the crust is mostly soggy.
  • Has a slight chili oil-like taste to it. I like that crust on this the best, it’s almost like pita bread. But besides that, it just tastes like plain cheese. Where’s the sauce?
  • This is kind of gross. It’s too – dare I say? – cheesy. But not in a good way. I mean, yeah. I ate it. But only the most extreme case of a hangover would make me reach for this the next day. And that’s because my mobility would be limited.
  • Good cheese and flavor.

Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta

  • Temperature cannot hold this down. I would eat this on ice.
  • I feel like I’m eating cold spaghetti. There’s so much sauce but I’m into it. The crust is still good, too.
  • Cold cheesy bread. It’s terrific.
  • Very good. Lots of sauce. A bit too much sauce, actually.
  • Too doughy.
  • I think the slightly thicker layers of cheese and sauce used on this one gives it an advantage served cold, even though I doubt this would be my favorite hot.
  • The sauce is kind of sweet and tangy, it makes me think of ketchup. Super cheesy.
  • This one is good. There were no features that stuck out to me, but it would do the job.
  • Plain. Not good. Not bad.

Tally up:

Stonedeck Pizza Pub: 0

Zalat: 1

i Fratelli: 4

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company: 1

Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta: 3

The winner is:

i Fratelli wins yet again for their flavorful, thin crust cheese pizza. So, do you agree with the outcome? How do you feel about cold pizza? Let’s talk about it.