Honey Lemon Ricotta Thyme pancakes (my stomach just growled). Image courtesy Thyme & Temp.

Seasoned Style Blogger Jane Aldridge Tries Her Hand at Food Blogging

A fashion maven and her boyfriend have created a new site for sharing their culinary adventures.

Jane Aldridge is no stranger to blogging. Her incredibly popular personal style blog, Sea of Shoes, has landed her on the pages of Teen Voguea seat at Chanel’s Métiers D’Art collection last December, and collaborations with shops like Shoemint and Urban Outfitters.

Next up, Jane and her boyfriend Jeff Dashley are looking to leave their mark on a new corner of the blogging world—a place where foodies and at-home chefs (Jane & Jeff are both of these) reign supreme. She announced the birth of Thyme and Temp via Sea of Shoes last month, which “has been in the works for a while now.” It’s the kind of place where you go to find recipes for uniquely delicious dishes like lemon ricotta cheesecake, rye walnut bread, and roasted chicken & sweet corn biscuits. While the blog is just starting out, we wanted to know where their inspiration comes from, what the couple’s favorite foods are, and what to expect in the future from Thyme and Temp. See the full Q&A below.

Jane and Jeff. Image courtesy Thyme and Temp.

Margaux Anbouba: Where did your inspiration for Thyme & Temp come from? 
Jane Aldridge: Both of us loved to cook and eat, but it wasn’t until we threw a cocktail party for our friends that we found that we loved collaborating in the kitchen. It was hugely rewarding to plan a menu, spend weeks preparing, and then being able to share what we made with our friends. After the party, we kept upping the ante with elaborate dinners we would cook for ourselves. I love to photograph food more than anything, and documenting our progress became kind of addictive. It’s hard to pin down a moment where we said, “Let’s start a food blog!” It happened slowly!

M: How does food blogging differ from fashion blogging?
Jane: Food tells such a rich and personal story, and all the dishes we’ve made create their own dialogue. Sharing it with people comes naturally, because everyone loves food and a lot of people love to cook! The creative process I go through when I work on Sea of Shoes isn’t all that different from what I experience when we are coming up with posts and ideas for Thyme and Temp. It really is about a creating a story you’re excited to share.

M: Is one of you better at cooking a certain type of food than the other?
JaneJeff is definitely in charge of proteins and savory dishes. He’s great at coming up with recipes on the fly, usually as we’re doing our grocery shopping. I tend to do most of the baking, salads, and cocktails.

M: What is your go-to dish when you need something quick and easy for dinner?
Jane: When I’m super hungry and need something fast, I’ll usually fry up an egg or throw together a crostini with whatever cheese, bread, and veggies I have on hand.
Jeff: I typically have an assortment of vegetables left over from a meal I cooked recently, so veggie tacos are always easy to make. Plus it makes for a light and tasty mid-week meal.

M: Where do you find the recipes you cook for the site?
Jane: Everywhere. We read tons of food blogs and buy tons of food magazines and cookbooks. We also love the challenge of recreating a dish we really liked while dining out.

M: Is there one dish you haven’t been able to master yet that you want to?
Jane: We are both really into the idea of a soufflé right now. It is very intimidating, but with practice we hope to perfect it!

M: What is one kitchen gadget you can’t live without?
Jeff: I have so many at this point, and it’s bit of a joke between the two of us because they are rarely used and take up too much space, but the one I rely on most is my trusty digital thermometer. Jane: I really love my immersion blender.

M: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Jeff: Without hesitation, I’d go with Fried chicken, collard greens, and grilled corn on the cob.
Jane: My mom’s corn relish and pimento cheese sandwiches.


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  • Amy Severson

    Good book to have for reference – http://www.recipewritershandbook.com/

  • Fromage Puant

    Please no. We have enough idiotic dilettante food “bloggers” already.

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  • Double Anon

    This is the most pointless thing ever. It’s like Jane is trying to prove she eats….after announcing her many fad diets, eating limitations and bone thin frame on social media she is suddenly this glamorous glutton? And why is she always prancing her boyfriends out for the world to see. She is two for two with gay dudes she basically purchased and pushed away. Her life seems horrid but it’s better than paying for cable and reality t.v. I just miss the judy-jane saga. That Big Eddie/Little Eddie dynamic was hilarious.