Pat Snuffer No Longer Associated With Snuffer’s. Look for Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries to Open Soon

patsLast July, Pat Snuffer was rescued from financial woes by Firebird Resaurant Group, owned by Mike Karns (El Fenix, Meso Maya). Today I learned Snuffer’s Restaurants, Inc. has ceased operations and Pat is launching Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries in the Greenville Avenue location under construction. Pat is working with his son, Mike, and his long-time associate Steve Cole.

Karns maintains ownership of six locations of Snuffer’s. This is the formal release from Firebird Restaurant Group:

Snuffer’s Restaurants, Inc. filed for bankruptcy in March of 2013.  The following July, Firebird Restaurant Group acquired the bank note and related liens of the Debtor and became the secured lender in the bankruptcy proceedings.  Today, the Bankruptcy Court found that it is appropriate for Firebird to take over operations of all six Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar locations.

Firebird is in a unique position both as lender and restaurant operator. Had the note been held in the hands of the previous lender and there was a foreclosure, the brand could have faced a liquidation and complete closure.  It is Firebird’s desire to protect the Snuffer’s brand and ensure that it not only survives, but thrives.”

Mike Karns

CEO and Owner, Firebird Restaurant Group, LLC