Najat Kaanache Partners with Yaser Khalaf. Souk at Trinity Groves is Their First Project

najat-magical-tourFormer Private Socal (PS) chef Najat Kaanache has joined forces with Yaser Khalaf, owner of Baboush, Farnatchi, Ketchup, and former partner at Medina, to create Azurite Restaurant Concepts. For those of you who don’t watch Jeopardy!, azurite is a deep blue mineral common in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Kaanache, also known as The Pilgrim Chef, has this to say:

Yaser is really a wonderful human and we have the same goals to bring people together and share happiness and culture with them through food.  I already partnered with him in Souk, one of the incubator concepts at Phil Romano’s Trinity Groves project, where we will give people the chance to visit a Moroccan Bazaar right here in Dallas. I will run the Souk kitchen which will have a great adjoining private dining room. I kept my whole kitchen team intact, the ones I took with me to the James Beard House last month.

Kaanache leaves for China next week to participate in the 2013 Beijing Science Festival. She will present her Science, Food & Creativity exhibit. “I am dedicated to training children to recognize and respect the beauty and importance of clean, natural food,” says Kaanache. At her most recent culinary presentation at the World Science Festival she says her exhibit had “children literally painting and eating their own healthy fruit and vegetable artwork on edible canvases.” Her installments juxtapose science and culinary creativity to “unleash the wonder of food and instill nourishing traditions in households across the world.”


  • 31858060

    You would think that after single-handedly inventing that history-changing cronut she would just rest on her laurels and disappear. Or at least get hired by one of the countless chefs she’s staged for. But, no………………….

  • InTheBiz

    Your “tag blue copper minerals for $500” forced me to spit wine on my computer. You are hysterical.

  • koala_bird

    this is Azurite, just beautiful:

  • CID

    Huge fan of Chef Kaanache’s fare and can’t wait to try Souk!

  • Edu

    Way to go Chef Najat!!.. A huge success in the making!! Can’t wait to visit your restaurant and indulge with your whimsical food.. DFW is lucky to have you bringing flavor and happiness to families in Texas…
    Just take a look of some of the mouth watering creations your palate will enjoy !!

  • Sam Benoikken

    This chef can be the best but should never copy and paste Medina oven & bar format/plan!
    As if a chef runs out of ideas !! Many of her menu items are Medina’s ! Why duplicate Medina’s menu items or tweak them and change subtitles ?
    What happenes to originality and homework before a restaurant concept is born. Oh, I get it; it is copying and pasting Median’s entrepreneur (Sam) who worked hard + research for his restaurant concept almost 3 years before it opens, paid his dues and surprise the City with his family recipies and passion…(Moroccan-Mediterranean Concept). Or, does luck of research simply means copying a concept is a short cut that doesn’t require true hard work and creativity …it’s unbeliviebale to what has happened to professionalism and respect for Food/Beverage industry people who strive to succeed. And if all of us that you are in doubt to what I am talking about, check D Magazine last month edition and read what Stephen Phyle was talking about regarding this subject. He felt the same way as I did when She chef tried to duplicate his new restaurant concept menu and he totally rejected it because it’s not fair especially when it is done by a chef who should be able to create his own ideas or restauarant cuisine concept/menu …etc…
    I still can’t believe it myself !! I have a strong believe in Medina’s concept and the authenticity of my family recipies that no one can duplicate including her….so, chef, PLAN YOUR WORK & WORK YoUR PLAN “CHEF” 🙁
    And that is all I am asking and if there is any next time for you, don’t ever take this road because it’s unprofessional 100% and it will never work unless the idea is YOURS and then you can say OWN IT / (something)…