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Jon Stevens to Open Stock & Barrel Inside the Old Safety Glass Co. Building

By Carol Shih |
Oak Cliff People Newspaper’s staff photos: Andrew Buckley

Over on Oak Cliff People, Rick Lopez has some superdeeduper exciting news for all you hip Bishop Arts dwellers. Jon Stevens is opening his brand new baby restaurant, Stock and Barrel, in the building that used to be Safety Glass Co. on 316 W. Davis Street.

Nancy broke the news about Stevens’ departure from Nosh Euro Bistro to embark on his own adventure in April. But, since then, we haven’t heard a peep about this restaurant.

Stevens sounds like he’s over-the-moon about moving into the Bishop Arts neighborhood. “It’s the only place I’ve wanted to be,” Stevens told Lopez. “I’ve worked with a lot of people who have restaurants in the neighborhood: Driftwood, Boulevardier, Lucia. I’m friends with those guys. I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant in this type of neighborhood. I like the way people there support each other.”

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