Happy IPA Day! Keith Schlabs & Matt Quenette Share Their Wisdom to Help You Celebrate

Green flash Citra Session
Green Flash Citra Session

IPA Day is now upon us! Today beer lovers around the country will celebrate this immensely popular style of beer for the third year, and one place we’re parking our IPA loving behinds is the Meddlesome Moth. I enjoyed the company of two masters from the Moth, beer guru Keith Schlabs and Beer Director and Cicerone, Matt Quenette. They imparted their wisdom and discussed their plans for IPA day. Get some.

Matt Quenette, Keith Schlabs
Matt Quenette, Keith Schlabs


“IPA Day started from a beer blogger and social media guru just trying to create energy on a weekday for craft beer, to bring people together to try a very popular style of beer. We celebrate beer here every day…It’s a day to bring friends to the Moth to have a good beer. We already have a collection of IPAs, and we’ll be tapping some special IPAs as well on Thursday… This is the number 1 style in America. It’s the number 1 style entered into GABF and other competitions as well as the most home brewed beer. 2nd in line is the imperial IPA. “


“This is my favorite of all beer style days. Every year, a different type of beer trends and becomes popular, but IPA is always around and always accessible… We’re starting to see IPAs break out of that pine, citrus box that it was locked into for decades with all the new hop varietals that are being created. And Community Mosaic IPA is one example. It does have a little bit of citrus, but it has this blueberry flavor. Some would even say papaya… There are so many different hops now that they’re not naming them. They’re just giving them numbers. Flavors are hitting pineapple, lemon, gooseberry, grapefruit, etc.”

IPAs, while being so popular, are continuing to evolve, expand, innovate, and capture the creative minds of beer nerds across the country. They’re never settling for the status quo, and IPA is a great style to see that culmination of intense passion and creative madness.  Today is your chance to get a taste of some of those magnificent brews (though they are pretty much around every day), but come out and celebrate wherever you choose. Beer is happy stuff and should be loved with care and vigor. Also, if you go by the Moth, don’t miss the Green Flash Citra Session IPA. As Matt told me, “it’s like drinking hop water.” This refreshing example is just one way to get your IPA day celebration on.