Katy Trail Ice House is Taking Over Bandito’s in Plano

Katy Trail Ice House is taking over Plano's Bandito's (photo provided by Katy Trail Ice House)
Soon this will be a Katy Trail Ice House (photo provided by Katy Trail Ice House)

Hey, Plano. I think your life’s about to change.

Buddy Cramer, one of the owners of Katy Trail Ice House, just revealed his big location secret for the next Ice House in DFW. It’s going to be at 4700 W. Park Blvd., Plano, right across the street from Nosh Euro Bistro and Yao Fuzi. He’s calling it the Katy Trail Ice House Outpost.

Apparently, Cramer is also a general partner of Bandito’s, and taking over the Plano Bandito’s space made a lot of sense. “This was such a perfect location. We have kind of a large area in front of it. We started looking at it, and this ended up being the best.” The Bandito’s in Snider Plaza, however, will remain the same. No changes to be made there.

As for this new Katy Trail Ice House, Cramer says they’re trying to get it open in two weeks, but it’ll probably be more like three.

And how big will the front patio be? So big “you won’t be able to see the street.” It won’t be quite as large as the one in Uptown, but it’s still going to be a 200-person patio. “It’s going to have that same Katy Trail feel. It’s going to be like your backyard. We’re bringing in lots of big trees.” (12 to be exact.)

The new Katy Trail Ice House is about a block away from any residential areas, so there shouldn’t be any issues with noise. That big ol’ 24 Hour Fitness building should be a pretty great barricade for that. And from what I know of the Park/Preston area, nothing really stays open later than 10 p.m. Only the Blue Goose Cantina does, I think. I’ll bet my last penny that Katy Trail Ice House Outpost is going to dominate the nightlife over in that corner of Plano.


  • Jeff Hayden

    How’s the food at Katy Trail? I live near the new location but have never been to other one.

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  • Turbo

    MartiniGirl, look into your facts before you start running your mouth. Plano changed it’s alcohol restrictions years ago that modifiy after a certain time of night. Two years? Heck, that’s awese. Most bars simply change names after two years to attract new patrons. The fact is everything is growing north. Katy trail will do just fine. Plano (or anywhere for that matter) needs good patio bars. Sorry the “midnight” closing isn’t good enough for you. You can keep your pill popping Ghostland Observatory party down in the slums of Dallas..

  • Amy Yang

    pretty excited!!!!!!!!

  • GLOsticks&CANDYlicks

    Woah! Pump the brakes there Turbo! Have you ever been to a Ghostland Observatory show? Nothing but smoke shows running around everywhere! Plus there are lasers everywhere making it feel like you are on a spaceship! If you aren’t into that, you might as well hop back in your leased BMW 3 Series and “turbo” it back to Cedar Springs.

  • 30killionaire

    I’ll have you know that a lease is a smart financial decision! Especially in China! Not that that’s relevant…. But just wanted to point that out. So, anyway, I’m not really into spaceships, lasers, or Uranus play and haven’t been since the third grade with my all boys school teacher. I guess I could just buy an old discharge green colored Tahoe, put a big chaw in, slap a Ducks Unlimited sticker on the back, then do the ultimate country boy move and get an apartment at shops of legacy while sporting pastel chinos and partaking in a solid Cabernet. Good thing I’m not confused!