Bobaddiction, a Bubble Tea Truck, is Rolling into Dallas on July 1


Randy Hu, one of the guys behind this new boba truck business, emailed me an hour ago to tell me about Bobaddiction. He wondered if I’d be interested in a story about bubble tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink that started in Taichung. Recipes for it consist of fruit, milk, tea, and tapioca balls that can be slurped up through a thick straw.

I quickly emailed him back: “I’m Taiwanese. I have been waiting for a boba truck ALL MY LIFE.”

It’s true. My best friend, Teresa, once considered quitting med school to open a boba truck. I told her she was crazy. But deep down inside, I really wanted to say yes. If bubble tea didn’t cost $3 bucks a pop, I’d probably bathe myself in milk tea every single day. I’d rub my hair with tapioca balls and… anyways, I’m getting off topic.

Star Snow Ice bubble tea (via
Star Snow Ice bubble tea (via

Hu, a software engineer, is partners with his friends Quang Vo and John Ting. “We all have our own jobs, says Ting. “I’m an attorney. I practice immigration and business law.”

In case you’re wondering what’s on the menu for this boba truck, it’s pretty simple: bubble tea and shaved snow ice.

Ting tells me that the boba tea will have at least 10 different teas including Vietnamese coffee, passion fruit, lychee, and mango green tea. There’ll be different rotating items (almond, taro, taro with coconut, and honeydew), and the business partners plan to puree natural fruit to blend with the tea. “It’ll be a gourmet style of boba tea,” says Ting. “We want to focus on the tea taste and don’t want it to have an overwhelming amount of sugar.”

This not-too-sweet philosophy is very Taiwanese, and I’m excited for a boba truck that’s bringing a focus back to tea. As for the shaved snow, Ting says it’s going to be fluffy ice like the kind you’d find at Star Snow Ice and Juice Box in Houston’s Chinatown. “It basically melts in your mouth faster than a Krispy Kreme donut.”

They’re still figuring out what kind of toppings they’ll have, but there will definitely be ice cream, mango, strawberries, boba, and condensed milk.

If you can’t wait until July 1 to try Bobaddiction’s tea, you can catch them at the Dallas International Festival in Fair Park on May 25 and at the DFW Dragon Boat, Kite, and Lantern Festival on May 26.

Boba tea’s making a comeback.


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  • sliao

    Yayyyy for the incoming boba truck!

  • Bevin Maloney

    I cannot wait! I load up on Bubble Tea and shaved ice whenever I’m in New York. Hopefully this truck will be more convenient that traveling to Richardson or Carrollton for my fix.

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