Marc Cassel’s 20 Feet To Open in a Week(ish)

I popped in yesterday to see how Marc Cassel and his wife, Suzan Fries, were doing at 20 Feet, their much-anticipated casual seafood joint on Peavy Road, next to Goodfriend. The roof had sprung a leak, and their freezer, bought at auction, was on the fritz. They seemed sanguine about the setbacks, though, and said they were shooting to open next week. Cassel was making a late lunch for him and missus. Pork belly sandwiches. He asked if I cared for one, but I declined so as not compromise my journalistic objectivity. When he wasn’t looking, I snapped this picture of a shopping list dated January 7. One can only hope that the Post-It Notes and toner cartridge have been procured.


  • Anonymous

    January 7, 2012.

    • Tim Rogers

      Indeed. It always takes a couple weeks to remember that the calendar has flipped.

  • vman

    Good2Go, Goodfriend and now 20 Feet. Where is the parking coming from? Loved the Green Room so much but Park always disappointed. Looking forward to this.

    • Tim Rogers

      Marc acknowledges that parking will be an adventure. There is PLENTY behind the restaurant, in a church parking lot. But it’s not optimal to park behind the shop and then walk through the alley. So we shall see.

  • Acme

    There is no church in that area, and other businesses are big on towing. I’m glad Marc is on my part of town, but parking is such a pain there.

  • Kelly

    There is a church a block or so behind them – to the north, before the funeral home.